Elston, J.Julie Elston, Adviser

Julie Elston teaches journalism and Pre-AP English 10 in addition to advising Inklings.  An adviser for 28 years, she is the Indiana High School Press Association’s  2012 Adviser of the Year as well at Crown Point Education Association’s 2013 Crystal Bell teacher of the year. Elston is currently an at-large board member and a past-president of the Indiana High School Press Association.  Elston teaches at her alma mater, Indiana University Bloomington, during its summer High School Journalism Institute.





Rosalie Degenhart, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Rosalie Degenhart is a co-editor-in-chief for Inklings. She is a senior in her third year on staff. Beyond Inklings, she is involved in theatre, both on stage in the plays and musicals, and backstage as paint crew chief. She plays cello in the Advanced and Symphony orchestras, and she is a two year varsity member on the girls’ tennis team. Rosalie plans to pursue a major in professional writing. 

Abigail Godsen, Co-Editor-In-Chief

Abigail Godsen is a co-editor-in-chief for Inklings. She is now in her senior year and her third year on Staff. As well as being on Inklings, Abigail is State Editor for the IJCL, a member of BPA, Rotary, and NHS. When she is not writing stories, managing the website, or participating in her other clubs, Abigail likes to listen to true crime and hang out with her dog. She plans to pursue a Master’s in Library Sciences.

Samuel Brewer, Sports Editor

Samuel Brewer is the sports editor for Inklings. He is a senior in his third year on staff and second as sports editor. He plays soccer and kicks for the high school football team. He is a member of the National Honor Society and Quarknet Club. He plans to major in engineering while hopefully playing football in college.

Aubrey Banks, Assistant Editor

Aubrey Banks is an assistant editor for Inklings. This is her third year on Inklings, and her fourth year in a Journalism program. Besides Inklings, she is also involved in the Psychology Club at CPHS. Outside of school, she enjoys practicing with her bow and arrow, watching baking competitions, and writing down fun facts about psychology. Aubrey plans to go to Ball State University, where she plans on majoring in Psychology and Counseling. 

Livy Helmuth, Assistant Editor

Livy Helmuth is an assistant editor for Inklings. This is her second year as a member of the Inklings staff and her third year involved in the journalism program. Outside of Inklings, she enjoys being the junior class president, being involved in student council, being a part of the national honors society, and singing in bella voce jazz choir. She enjoys playing piano, cycling, and writing in her free time.


Kaitlyn Chandler, Reporter

Kaitlyn Chandler is a reporter for Inklings and it is her first year on the Inklings staff. Outside of Inklings, she is involved in a variety of extracurriculars such as National Art Honors Society, Honors Society, and she is the president of Key Club at CPHS. Outside of school activities she enjoys creating art, practicing meditation and yoga, and exercising. She plans on studying Environmental Sciences and/or Energy Engineering in college with hopes to discover sustainable alternatives for energy production and ways to keep the environment healthy in a consumption based society. 

Gillian Gately, Reporter

Joshua Hedges, Reporter

Joshua Hedges is a reporter for Inklings. This is his first year in Inklings. He is a member of the Key Club and National Honors Society (NHS). In his free time, he often edits photos for his instagram, draws, or plays strategy games. He is often out with his family on the weekends taking photos with his camera while they hike. He plans to pursue a career in business.

Mary Marcinek, Reporter

Kristian Maunes, Reporter

Ariel Moore, Reporter

Ariel Moore is a reporter for Inklings and is a sophomore. She has been on staff for 2 months. Ariel Moore participates in French Club , and Psychology club and is an avid reader. Her favorite genre of literature is fantasy. Along with books she also enjoys reading manga such as D. Grayman, Toilet Bound Hanako Kun, and Black Clover. 

Zoey Slavena, Reporter


Hayden Coles, Artist