Pandemic brings out unnecessary complaints

With people openly voicing their own problems, it makes you wonder whether people complain too much.

As COVID-19 has been hitting the whole world hard, there are a lot of different groups of people in which it affects. It can be hard for any graduates who are missing out on opportunities or people with jobs who are getting laid off. Although it is a tough time for these different types of people, we aren’t thinking about the bigger picture and those who are actually suffering due to the pandemic. It is almost as if we forget about the real reason as to why schools and businesses are actually closed down. It is so easy to live in the moment of “woe is me,” instead of focusing on all the pain and loss that is going on around us everyday. 

Living in the modern world, people tend to over dramatize their own problems and make themselves the narrative. Human nature is inclined to have an individualistic mindset, so when it comes to pain and suffering we often tend to prioritize our own problems and think of it as a competition as to whose life is worse off. Also, when people around us complain we tend to act as if their problems are nothing compared to what is happening in our own lives. 

While some problems are inevitable, others are such that we are able to change and lessen the severity. Since there are problems that none of us are able to get rid of, it is almost as if we shouldn’t talk about these at all. On the other hand, holding in our problems can be negative for our stress and everyday life. It is good to vent and talk to others, but there must be an understanding of what is acceptable and what is not, especially regarding the times we live in. 

In the midst of life and our misfortunes, it is imperative that we keep a positive outlook on all aspects of life. While everyone goes through obstacles, it is only because we are human and need to learn how to get through day-to-day life. Complaining can help us release our feelings, but it can also be detrimental to ourselves, causing us to relive our struggles over and over. 


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