“Never Have I Ever” and other high school related shows sets unrealistic standard for teens

While there have been many shows involving high schoolers and their day-to-day lives, many can prove to be impractical to those who are actually in this age group. One of the many shows that recently came out is “Never Have I Ever,” which delves into the life of a teen and her daily trials and tribulations. 

A common theme within any high school show is the amount of parties and how many people show up to these parties. While there may be a few parties throughout the year for students, it seems as though it is a weekly thing for the students on these shows or movies. 

Another prevalent topic within these shows are the characters’ needs for romantic partners and what they can get out of it. While high school should be about your actual studies and meeting new people and becoming closer to them and your teachers, getting into a relationship seems to be these characters’ biggest priority. It is almost a source of popularity and sets ideas in people’s minds that it is essential. 

Going along those same lines, there is an unrealistic standard that is set for people’s happiness and how things should be in high school. Many of the smartest people in the show are never seen outside of school being studious, it just dives into the drama and relationships they are in. It’s exactly the same as most princess movies girls see growing up, then end up setting high standards for their own lives. 

While everyone goes through their own struggles, they seem to over dramatize the hardships. There is almost always a point in the movie in which the main character does something to betray the trust, whether it be of her family or friends, in which they need to earn the trust back. There is always a breakthrough in the show or movie in which everything is forgiven, no matter how much damage is done.

While there are realistic themes such as family drama, emotions and friendships, the topics that stand out the most are the ones that are less realistic. Although teen shows and movies provide limitless entertainment to anyone who watches, the majority of the content is unrelatable to anyone in real life situations. 


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