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High school experiences should not be taken for granted

No one ever believes it until it becomes them. Being in high school is a gift that many do not realize they have, but once it is taken away the luxuries are missed. All of my closest friends within 20 minutes of me and I have very few serious responsibilities that lie solely on me and I know that it will all change soon. Of course as I reflect there are aspects that I am glad I will not have to experience anymore, however, there are parts of high school that I will never be able to experience again that I will remember forever. 

When senior year comes around it seems as though everything is the last. The last first day of high school, the last football game, the last picture day, the last call out meeting. There is a way to make every event seem as though it is the last one. The way I avoided the senior sadness throughout the year was by celebrating these moments and focusing on the happy thoughts. 

The majority of my final high school days were filled with sadness and drama. If I had known that week was the end of an era, I would have tried to fill the days with laughter and memories. Instead, I was crying in my english class about the state dance competition being cancelled. My dance career ended without warning and right after that happened I was under the impression that my high school experience was on a temporary pause, but boy was I wrong. I tried my best to not take high school for granted, but towards what happened to be the end I did. 

I am sure that by now many people are tired of hearing seniors complain during this pandemic so I do not want to focus on all of the things I do not get to experience with my class. However, for everyone who still has the chance to make the most of high school I highly encourage them to do so. Go to as many dances as possible, participate in spirit weeks, find clubs that will bring spark joy. Fill the days surrounded by people who enrich life with happiness and create endless memories because these times will turn into the “good old days” and it will be hard to get them back.



Emma Frank
Emma Frank is a Sophomore and going into her second year of journalism at Crown Point High School and her first year on Inklings. Emma enjoys creating things for others to enjoy, she is on the varsity dance team and involved in multiple clubs. Emma cannot wait to produce quality content for her peers and community. Emma plans to attend college and study business.

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