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Governor’s new plan raises various new questions

After hearing Governor Holcomb’s new plan for reopening Indiana’s economy in phases, the thought that comes to mind is how effective is this going to be in the long run or is this just going to set us back? 

According to Holcomb, the state as a whole has done a good job with the stay at home orders which is the main reason we are able to move forward with strict restrictions, including starting to slowly open restaurants and allow groups to gather again. The main point brought up by Holcomb is making sure people are still social distancing while partaking in these activities. It makes sense in most cases, such as a restaurant where you can abide by the social distancing rules, but hanging out with a larger group of people simply does not make sense. 

The main goal is to have everything back on track by July 4. However, there are still going to be cases all over the world and affecting people every day. Of course, like any other person being sick of quarantine and avoiding human contact overall, we would love to get out and experience the summer, but if it means people staying safe and healthy and students heading to school in the fall, staying at home as much as possible is the way to go. 

Businesses such as restaurants and hair salons are now going to be open starting May 11. However, there are restrictions such as being at 50% capacity. These businesses make sense due to the fact that many of those smaller ones have been struggling to get any business, unlike large scale shopping malls or nonessentials. 

The different stages and dates are all subject to change, depending on the number of cases and the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients which is being monitored closely. With opening all of these businesses up, there are bound to be more cases if people don’t keep up the social distancing. This will just put us right back where we started and delay life going back to normal and students heading to school.

Already, with the stay at home order, people are ignoring the social distancing rules and hanging out with their friends so what’s to say that once restrictions are slowly starting to be lifted, people will ignore everything the Governor has to say and do whatever they want?

COVID-19 isn’t just going to disappear overnight and is something we are going to have to deal with for a while. The most important part is that we follow the steps and abide by the rules so that life can go back to as normal as it can be.


Erin Muller
Erin Muller is a sophomore at CPHS. This will be her second year in journalism and first on the Inklings staff. She enjoys writing features and opinion pieces and she is hoping to take pictures for Inklings. Outside of Inklings, Erin is Student Council sophomore secretary and is involved in many other clubs and activities including Key Club, Theatre, German Club, Advanced Orchestra and Pulse. She is planning on majoring in Physical Therapy in college.

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