Choir students to film compilation video; makes up for missing events

In spite of quarantine, choir teacher William Woods has come up with a solution to hopefully make up for some of the missing events for his students. He plans on creating a video compilation of the seniors singing two songs that they will not be able to sing together due to cancellations, with the help of CPTV advisor Chris Gloff. 

“The making of the videos is not an easy process and I’m hoping to have Gloff help me a little with this. Audio needs to be ripped from each video and then synced together, then we add the videos in,” Woods said.

The gesture set by Woods means a lot to senior Erin Tien. She feels grateful that this special moment will still happen despite the circumstances. 

“This means a lot to me. Mr. Woods wanted us to have this opportunity, so he is doing what it takes to make it happen. It reminds me of how much of a family choir is and how much love there is in this choir family,” Tien said. “And it makes me feel a little better knowing that even if not traditional, we still get this senior experience.”

When this assignment was brought up it was no shock to senior Aaron Herrera. After the time he has spent with Woods, this idea made sense. 

“I wasn’t surprised, that man adapts a lot so I thought he would do something like this. This means a lot,” Herrera said. “He (Woods) really does care for his students and won’t stop till it’s actually over.”

Woods found inspiration from a composer and conductor who has been doing performances in a similar realm for a while. When the videos are completed, they will be posted to both the choir’s Facebook and YouTube pages.  

“Eric Whitacre has done quite a few virtual choirs over the years and I wanted to make sure our senior class had a chance to sing the songs that they look forward to at the end of the year,” Woods said. “This also might be the future of choir for a while until the virus is at bay.”

The songs that will be featured in the videos hold importance for the seniors according to Woods, as they signify milestones in their life. 

“‘Blessing’ is the last song we sing at our last concert of the year. The seniors adore this song and look forward to the time that they get to gather on stage together to say goodbye. ‘Time For Me to Fly’ was arranged for the CPHS choirs and orchestra to perform together at graduation and has become a staple in our ceremony,” Woods said.

Since Herrera has seen these songs sung in the past, he wants to have his moment singing these songs one last time. 

“‘Blessing’ and ‘Time for me to Fly’ do mean something to me, within all my years of choir we do these songs every year and it just gets under your skin after a while. In time you miss it,” Herrera said. 

According to Tien, when seniors get to sing both ‘Blessing’ and ‘Time for me to Fly,’ it holds a stronger meaning than the previous years.

“‘Blessing’ holds a lot of significance for me. It’s a tradition for seniors to sing it, and then all the others in choir join in singing about wishing the best for somebody you care about, that you aren’t going to see for a while, and wishing them the best until you can meet with them again,” Tien said. “Choir is a big family, and so it’s hard knowing you aren’t going to be seeing your family for a while, and not knowing when you’ll see them again. And so it’s a goodbye until you get to see them again.” 

Emma Frank
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