Teachers’ influence provides several valuable experiences

There is nothing quite like the influence of a teacher. When young children begin their education, they also embark on the path to their greatest form of development. Not only do students obtain the knowledge they need to live successful lives, but they come to realize the impact that an excellent teacher can make. 

Throughout the years, I have come across many teachers with varying methods of instruction. I have made connections with several truly inspiring individuals. Looking back on my educational career as a whole, I can see the role that each one has played in shaping the person I have become today. 

As much as the content of each subject matters, there is much more to be discovered apart from that. There is no doubt that essay writing skills are important or that certain calculations will be used in everyday life. However, the real lesson is not necessarily found in textbooks. A sincerely meaningful concept to be taken away from education is the impression left by an effective teacher. 

While I appreciate all of the teachers I have had in my life so far, there are a few that I can distinctly recall specific interactions with. These stand out because the words or actions exchanged have made a mark on me in some way. For example, a teacher I had in elementary school would always encourage me to pursue my passion in writing. I loved to write stories and share them with the class. She would tell me to remember her when I become a famous author. 

Though I cannot predict the future, I know for a fact that the positive reinforcement I have received from my teachers will take me to new heights. I will hold on to the uplifting comments, the wise advice and the motivational speeches. I will keep the comforting smiles, the occasional jokes and the gentle guidance close to my heart. 

Teachers are more than academic advisers; they are enthusiastic leaders, mentors of vitality and experts in compassion. A good teacher will make sure that their students understand the material in the curriculum. An exceptional teacher will provide their students with a perception that goes beyond the walls of the classroom. 

As my high school journey meets its end, I am able to say that I have had a lot of outstanding teachers. I am grateful for all that I have learned and the growth I have experienced as a result. I hope that one day down the line I can let each of these amazing adults know how their support and assistance has contributed to my life’s fulfillment. 


Olivia Budzevski
Olivia Budzevski is a sophomore at Crown Point High School. She completed Beginning Journalism as a freshman and is now a part of the Inklings staff. She is interested in writing opinion pieces and learning the ropes of photography. Her goal is to capture the interests of her readers and provide accurate information each month. She is a member of several extracurricular activities including Code Red, Latin Club, Stray Dogs Improv, and will soon be a part of Student Council. She plans to be a veterinarian in the future but may change her mind along the way.

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