While limited options are available, simple Mother’s Day gifts can be made

Mother’s Day is a holiday that can be utilized to celebrate mothers and everything that they do. With quarantine making it harder to celebrate, easy gifts can still be made. 

Some easy ideas are painting plain coffee mugs or ball jars. After painting them, they can be filled with miniature candy. The ball jars can also make a vase to hold flowers. Another cute idea is filling the painted ball jars with battery tea light candles if the jar is clear enough to show the light through the paint. 

Printing out pictures is also a cute gift to give. Framing the pictures creates a memory that can be easily moved around. A picture collage is also a perfect idea for many pictures to be seen all at once. Last-minute presents can also be simple like a letter or card. A handwritten note is also a simple last-minute gift. Putting time into creating something that simple still shows appreciation. 

An important thing to keep in mind is that it is the thought that counts. If ordering something online, even if it arrives late, the thought of thanking mothers is always remembered.

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