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“Savage Remix” expertly remodels already stellar original

Megan Thee Stallion and Beyoncé have redefined what a remix is supposed to be, with the drop of “Savage Remix.” “Savage,” originally by Megan Thee Stallion, was the second track on Megan’s EP, “Suga.” 

The original version of the song had Megan doing what she does best, talking about how she is the best. The original debuted as number 47 on the charts, and also became a big TikTok trend. 

One could believe that the song had reached its peak, but then Megan unexpectedly dropped the “Savage Remix” featuring fellow Houston resident Beyoncé. The best part about this remix is that they didn’t just add one Beyoncé verse and some new instruments in the background, they actually remixed the entire song. Megan added a new verse, and Beyoncé added adlibs all throughout the song. 

The remix takes the important details from the original version, and then adds more in order to perfect it. Because of this, the “Savage Remix” is a perfection of a remix. It’s clear it wasn’t remixed just to jump on the popularity of the original version, it was remixed to create a better version. The original “Savage” was one of the many songs by Megan Thee Stallion in which she doesn’t censor how she feels, and the remix remained the same.

Beyoncé and Megan’s approach to this remix shows that they make a great duo. Beyoncé draws you into the song with her angelic voice, and Megan adds a roughness to it. For people who don’t like Megan’s aggressive style of rap, they’ll be pleasantly surprised by this remix. Beyoncé and Megan’s style balance each other out. And in a fantastic addition to the remix, not only does Beyoncé sing, she raps. The song is catchy, trendy, and makes you feel a whole new level of self-confidence. This remix is a summer hit, and it wouldn’t be shocking if this song was yet another song by Megan Thee Stallion that charted.

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