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Online learning platform Coursera is great way to educationally pass time

Learning and exploring new things hosts numerous amounts of benefits, especially during these times under quarantine. Coursera is an online learning platform that offers free courses, specializations, and degrees all ranging from a variety of subjects. Using this time to look into interesting and possibly useful subjects is a great way to use one’s time.

With all this free time at home Coursera has allowed me to spend my time proactively, providing interesting subjects like their Modern Art and Ideas course or subjects that fall under my career plans such as their Introductory Human Physiology course. Aside from e-learning or one’s daily schedule, Coursera is not only a way to use one’s time wisely, but it gives the opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and interests.

Coursera is providing up to nearly 4,000 free online courses for adults and students stuck at home, including one of Yale’s most popular classes, The Science of Well-Being, taught by professor Laurie Santos. The course focuses on happiness and the common misconceptions we experience when considering what true happiness is. The ten-week course is a great way to understand how to truly be happy and it is absolutely free.

Although Coursera does charge 50 dollars if you would like to get a certificate upon completion of any course, this is optional. The large variety of courses that one can take is amazing and would highly recommend taking a look at the different courses. Whether it be to expand one’s knowledge for fun or to learn things for future life plans, Coursera is a great way to pass the time while also strengthening your mental health and current knowledge.

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