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Netflix orginal “Outer Banks” is abundant in thrill, mystery

A new Netflix show is both parts mystery and adventure. “Outer Banks” is a Netflix original that first premiered on April 15. This show has quickly become relatable to all audiences. 

The show takes place in Outer Banks, North Carolina, with a group of four close friends. With murder and sneaky people throughout the Outer Banks, the group stays together to go on a treasure hunt. Something that this show keeps throughout all 10 episodes is the friendships with the main characters. 

The show has a rich versus poor mentality. The rich side of the island is more arrogant, whereas the poor side of the island is more run down and full of the working class. The main characters hang out on the poor side of the island and live with no rules. The show feels real because of the trendy outfits and relationships. One thing that makes this show less timely is that they cannot use their phones because of a hurricane. 

Kiara, Pope, JJ and John B. make up the group of friends that live on the wild side. They call themselves the pogues after pogies, which are fish bait, meaning they see themselves as the lowest on the food chain. The three boys and Kiara go on a treasure hunt to search for the $400 million worth of gold. 

Being a high school show, the characters are all around 16 or 17 years old. However, in reality, the cast is much older than their characters. Like in most shows and movies, the cast is almost never the same age as the characters that they play. In “Outer Banks,” the lead actor Chase Stokes plays John B. whose character is a 16-year-old heartthrob. Stokes is 11 years older than his character at currently 27 years old. The other three main cast members are 21 and 22 years old. 

The show could be binge-watched or split the episodes to watch the first five and then the last five. The show has so many twists and turns that most episodes end as cliffhangers. The plot is interesting and engaging. This show is perfect for any viewer or someone who loves adventure. 

The show does not have a season two yet since it is newly released. The good news is that season two is being written by the show’s writer. The cast has stated that in order to get a season two the show needs to be streamed a lot, and with around ten hours content it’s a perfect show to watch.

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