Gardening is great at-home hobby that provides tangible results

During this time a lot of people have started picking up new hobbies and getting better at old ones like cooking, working out or painting. One hobby that I am most excited to pick back up again is gardening. 

Gardening is something that most everyone can do. It may seem intimidating to start but overall it is a lot of fun and very rewarding. Having the right tools and picking plants that match the gardener’s experience level is what can really help make or break someone’s experience with gardening. 

My family and I have a vegetable and herb garden in our backyard. In the spring and summer we get to harvest all sorts of vegetables like peas, tomatoes, onions, carrots and broccoli. The nice thing about having our own vegetable garden is that we don’t have to go to the grocery store in order to get fresh vegetables, which is really nice now that we can’t leave the house as much as desired.

One thing to note for beginners is that they don’t have to have a start jumping full on into the world of gardening. There are things like hydroponic gardening for indoors that would be great to try out growing 2 to 4 herbs. And if beginners are unsure are overwhelmed on what to pick, there are lots of online guides on what kind of plants are easiest to grow and how best to start and what tools to use.

If the idea of gardening sounds thrilling, this could be a year round thing. During the spring, summer and fall there are also sorts of plants that can be grown and harvested to spend most of the year with a variety of amazing plants. During the winter, start growing plants from seed that way in the spring there are little sprouts waiting to go into full bloom.

Overall, though it may seem a bit bombarding, I love gardening. Gardeners get to see these little plants grow and get to enjoy the fruits of their labor when they are finished. Gardening doesn’t have to be intimidating or bombarding. With a little time and patience this may become a next favorite hobby.

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