Students find safe, meaningful ways to connect amidst quarantine

One of the biggest sacrifices that students have had to make during this pandemic is seeing their friends. The social distancing order has kept people inside, limiting them from socializing or interacting with others unless absolutely necessary. It may be difficult to go from seeing friends every day to not seeing them in person for weeks and now months. However, senior Brooklynn Frassinone has been inspired by a trend on TikTok with a way to hang out with her friends during this time of isolation. 

“We saw a video on TikTok of friends sitting in the trunks of their cars spread out in a circle in a parking lot, and, when we heard the news that school would be out for the rest of the year, we wanted to meet up in the school parking lot to reminisce,” Frassinone said. 

While it can be a heartwarming moment to reminisce and catch up with friends, for Frassinone had eight people she caught up with, precautions were still given to Frassinone by her parents to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

“They said I couldn’t come close to any of my friends and I had to stay in my own car,” Frassinone said. 

Frassinone also notes that her parents were against her going, showing the concern that most parents must feel during this time. Yet, some of Frassinone’s friends also took precautions.

“Most of my friends were respectful of space and being sanitary. One even wore a mask and gloves,” Frassinone said.

Not everyone is going to be as cautious when it comes to being safe and sanitary, which can be scary in this time of uncertainty. Junior Jonah Peterson has also done this trend with about 25 of his friends and teammates, and he comments how being cautious only applied to some of his friends in this group. Overall, though, they were truly aware of the risks from interacting.

“Most of the group kept their distance from each other, but some didn’t keep as much between themselves and others as myself. My friend group understands what’s really at stake here for the most part, so we respected each other’s boundaries and distance,” Peterson said. 

Even when this close, the moment was bittersweet for Frassinone.

“I was so happy to see my friends and laugh with them again, but, for me, I was more sad to see them because of the precautions we had to take and how we have to live our life right now,” Frassinone said.

Though some friends aren’t allowed to come into contact with each other, just talking and laughing may provide friends with a sense of normalcy that is missed from their everyday school life. Peterson’s friends mainly just hung out and talked; Frassinone’s friends talked while listening to music, including the song “I’ll Always Remember You” by Hannah Montana, which, when listened to, can pull at one’s heartstrings, for it is about moving on but always remembering the best moments with friends and loved ones. To Frassinone, it all ties up for her and her friends wanting to reminisce about their friendship and senior year. 

Though Peterson is only a junior, he enjoyed seeing his friends who are more like family to him.

“It was absolutely amazing seeing my friends, especially my team. When you spend so much time around your team you become family. Going from seeing each other for multiple hours a day to not at all is very strange and it really just sucks,” Peterson said.

Hang outs like these can accompany a warm day, and Frassinone agreed that the warm weather adds to the happy and hopeful atmosphere.

“It was one of the beautiful, hot, summer feeling days that we had. It gave us so much hope for our summer even though we had just found out that school was over,” Frassinone said.

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