Weather can effect peoples’ moods throughout seasons

From it being 80 degrees on April 7 to it being 28 degrees and snowy on April 15, the weather has had a wide range of temperatures. For some people, the weather greatly impacts their mood, both negatively and positively. 

Some people are happier when the sun is out. Getting vitamin D and spending time in the sun boosts serotonin levels. On the other hand, people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) experience symptoms like depression, tiredness, and social withdrawal in the months where there is less sunlight, like November and December. 

However, for some students, the weather doesn’t have a huge impact on their emotions. 

“Right now the weather doesn’t have an effect on my mood because I’m not concerned with the weather. I’m focused on self-improvement,” junior Anthony Saberniak said. “I can’t let something like the weather get me down.” 

For others, the weather does impact their emotions and lives.

“My bones ache when it rains so it makes me crabby. Everyone is happier in the summer when it’s warm,” sophomore Kloe Kiran said.

Similar to Saberniak, senior Finn Kiger notes how he is in control of his mood, not the weather.

“I am in complete control of myself therefore when I wake up whether there be rain, snow or sunshine, cold or hot, I just adapt to my environment and move on to the next task at hand,” Kiger said.


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