Quarantine may provide students time to complete post-secondary planning

The SAT and ACT testing dates have been moved around due to the coronavirus, and there is a possibility they may be moved again. Although these college admission tests tend to be vital in college decisions, there are other aspects that can be focused on. Even though quarantine has its downsides, the extra time can be used to get ahead of the college admissions process. 

One thing that can be done is the common application, also referred to as the common app. The common app is accepted by over 800 colleges. Whilst some colleges can have varying applications, the possibility of being able to fill out just one application and use it for multiple colleges presents an option to save lots of time. IU Bloomington, Butler, Notre Dame and Valparaiso are some examples of colleges in Indiana that will accept the common app. 

Another part of the common app that can be done is the essay prompts. The essay prompts from the 2019-2020 school year have remained the same for the 2020-2021 school year. A few of the essay prompts consist of writing topics such as discussing accomplishments, reflecting on challenging instances and other topics. Starting the writing process early gives extra editing and revision time.

More writing that can be done is writing why you are passionate to go to the schools that you are applying to. If unsure of what colleges that you are interested in, now would be an opportune time to decide. Try contacting colleges that you are considering and ask questions. Getting to know the campus, culture and community is important when making the decision of going to a school for four years.

Other things that can be done include studying for the ACT/SAT. The aforementioned ACT and SAT may be postponed again, but the CollegeBoard and the ACT are working on online versions of their tests. Higher scores on these tests increase the chances of going to more academically challenging schools. 

Although the coronavirus and being in quarantine presents a different type of college admissions process than normal, there are still ways to prepare for an unsecured future.

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