Quarantine is seeing benefits beyond its intended purpose, proves to be beneficial

With a quarantine being put into effect, many people begin to think of all the negative aspects of it. However, there are many reasons as to why you can have an optimistic look at this quarantine for our society.

With everyone predominantly staying at home, it is benefitting our environment in more ways than anyone could realize. Following the stay at home order, many people are limiting their errand list to being only groceries and other necessities. This means that a lot of the unnecessary trips in the car are being put down to a minimum. This is helping us more than we know, as there is less exhaustion being put out in the air we breathe. Along with helping the pollution rates, we are helping with the world’s major issue of littering in general. The fewer people going to beaches, parks and other public places equates to a decrease in the waste put out on our planet. Not only is littering decreasing, but also the amount of packaging that we use on take-out orders. As many people are staying in and making food at home, there is also less garbage from these pre-packaged foods and beverages getting thrown away. 

For those who are actually obeying the quarantine, the most daily contact people have has been with family members and possibly store employees, or other necessary contacts. This means they are able to appreciate phone calls and other means of communication with people they cannot communicate with. While most people have taken things, such as phones, computers, conversations and etc. for granted, many people are realizing that they have also been taking things like friends, teachers and school in general, for granted. The more time spent in quarantine is showing people the value of communication and how we really crave human contact to survive. 

While most people look at the quarantine in a wrongful light and only associate the problems it causes to interrupt our lives, there is always a positive outlook on the controversial situations. Making sure we keep a bright stance on the subject allows us to appreciate the little things around us, and makes us more prepared to not take things for granted ever again.

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