Ignoring social distancing guidelines is blatantly disrespectful

Social distancing seems to have not been clarified for many. For those who are looking for more specific instructions on what this apparently vague term means: it means that boyfriends should be talked to via the internet and not in person, grocery store trips five times a week are unnecessary and going out to eat when there is food at home is disrespectful to those who are abiding by these guidelines.

While it may be necessary for mental health purposes to venture outside of the comforts of home, do so on a walk, run or bike ride like the rest of us who understand that our actions affect others. These ignorant and unnecessary trips may be the reason why someone’s grandparent dies from COVID-19 and its complications and it may contribute to the fact that my classmates and I may not have an in-person graduation ceremony, something that was supposed to be a monumental milestone in our lives.

We all have a duty to ourselves and to the people that we come home to and quarantine with to stay home. Healthcare workers, grocery store clerks and so many other essential workers are embarking out into the unknown to help others, risking the lives of themselves and their families. They do so out of social responsibility and necessity while lust-struck teenagers do so because they simply cannot live without cuddling their boyfriend or girlfriend who may be unknowingly carrying the virus. This is one of many other instances in which someone’s actions put the immunocompromised at risk, and all for something so unnecessary. 

Please stay home. By doing so, we all do our part in flattening the rate at which the virus is spreading and save more lives than we know. Simply by skipping a drive to a fast-food restaurant to go get food, we limit our interactions with others and help keep ourselves and our families safe.

Madelyn Whitaker
Madelyn Whitaker is a sophomore going into her second year in journalism but her first year on the Inklings staff. She also runs varsity track and cross country, and is in the Kiwanis Club. She enjoys reading, writing, and cooking. Madelyn she enjoys writing opinion pieces and arts and entertainment pieces. Madelyn hopes to improve her writing and photography skills on staff this year. She wants to go to college and get a degree in biophysics or chemical/biological engineering.

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