Music tastes should not be criticized; they vary between listeners

Music is the language of the soul. There are many genres and a variety of sounds for any occasion. For some, it can be a passion. For others, it may just be an enjoyable factor of life. 

Whatever the case may be, the open-ended aspect of music is what makes it so special. Everyone has their own taste and interests. While one group of people listens to country music, another might prefer pop or gospel. 

Having the freedom to choose what artists we like to listen to is very liberating. This is why it makes for an interesting conversation when it comes to getting to know someone. 

As much as we all acknowledge our differing tastes in music, we must also be cautious to avoid putting others down for what they listen to. It does not make sense to be rude or condescending to people because they favor an artist or genre that you dislike. 

There is a reason why opinions are just that. You might be the biggest fan of Ariana Grande, but your friend is not. This does not give them justification to harass you for it. It goes the same way for anyone you meet who likes an artist that you do not.

Instead of hurting peoples’ feelings, take the time to ask them about why they find pleasure in their favorite music. You will see how much it means to them and it will give you more insight into the type of person they are. This can take your friendship to a more personal level. 

The world is already built upon all sorts of divisions. People are always pinned against each other in unnecessary competition. Music does not and should not have to be one of these concepts. It should bring us all together. That is the true meaning behind its existence.

Olivia Budzevski
Olivia Budzevski is a sophomore at Crown Point High School. She completed Beginning Journalism as a freshman and is now a part of the Inklings staff. She is interested in writing opinion pieces and learning the ropes of photography. Her goal is to capture the interests of her readers and provide accurate information each month. She is a member of several extracurricular activities including Code Red, Latin Club, Stray Dogs Improv, and will soon be a part of Student Council. She plans to be a veterinarian in the future but may change her mind along the way.

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