Law of attraction allows user to regain feeling of control in life

Phrases like “that’s just the way the cookie crumbles” or “well that’s just life” are so limiting. Anyone can control their own fate it just depends on whether they want to or not. One way to gain control over the future is by using the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.

Creating a positive outlook on certain aspects of life one is looking to improve or focus on can increase the chance of reaching goals. Having set goals in one’s head and believing that the dreams they’ve set are capable of being obtained will make anyone more likely stride for them. To me I would rather work towards things that I know can achieve as opposed to striving for things that are shots in the dark. Dreaming of what you see your future being like why would you not want to have a sense of confidence that it will become a reality?

Instead of looking at this philosophy as an ideology that can easily change lives in a matter of days, people need to believe daily that no matter who they are they can make their aspirations a reality. When manifesting dreams feeling good about what you speak into the universe is a major key. I recommend using the law of attraction for positive benefits in one’s life, rather than continuously complaining about what you dislike, speaking about the things that bring joy. In the long run, remembering success is more important than focusing on the negative feelings. 

This may come across as a bunch of hippie nonsense to some people but even if the law of attraction does not work this concept can introduce such a positive lifestyle. By eliminating the toxic behavior of self-doubt there is only a possibility for improvement.

Emma Frank
Emma Frank is a Sophomore and going into her second year of journalism at Crown Point High School and her first year on Inklings. Emma enjoys creating things for others to enjoy, she is on the varsity dance team and involved in multiple clubs. Emma cannot wait to produce quality content for her peers and community. Emma plans to attend college and study business.

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