Lack of productivity is normal in current world situation

At a time in which the functions of the world are at a standstill, it can be quite easy to become antsy or stir-crazy. Many individuals have turned to new hobbies or methods to stay productive while quarantined. While these efforts are valid and completely beneficial, it is also understandable to lack motivation. 

Something that has not been as publicly displayed is the fact that it is okay to be idle during such an unsettling event. For many young people, this pandemic is the first of its kind. This is history in the making, which means we are still putting up with it. A lot of people are new to this kind of discomfort and even those who have experienced something similar are rightfully disturbed as well. 

There has been a push toward the idea of coming out of this haze as an improved version of oneself. This may mean implementing exercise regimens at home or other lifestyle changes. Once again, while this can be helpful, it is definitely not required or expected of everyone. 

Many of us may be leaning on Netflix and catching up on sleep to get by. This might not be the healthiest choice during a normal period, but the current status of the world is most certainly abnormal to say the least. It is not uncommon to be feeling deterred from productivity. 

This is the most opportune time to truly take a break from previous chaotic schedules or busy routines. While this may not be true for everyone, especially healthcare workers, it does hold value for many others. 

You do not have to be constantly in motion or working on some type of project to feel validated. Taking some time to reflect and filter through any heightened emotions can be just as rewarding. A lot of people are scared, sad and perhaps even angry. It is better to allow yourself to assess these feelings before jumping into a bunch of activities. 

While staying busy can keep one’s mind off of things, it can cause greater distress if those worries and fears are pushed to the side. Giving yourself the chance to just be is worthwhile in the long run. 

The most important concept that we all must understand is the protection of our health and safety. No one could have predicted these circumstances and no one wanted to end up in a situation like this. There should not be added pressure to suddenly transform ourselves during a crisis. 

If you want to turn your life around for the better and feel determined to do so, no one is stopping you. If you just want to take this moment to breathe and put productivity on hold, go ahead. There is no shame in either option and there should be greater emphasis upon that notion. 

Olivia Budzevski
Olivia Budzevski is a sophomore at Crown Point High School. She completed Beginning Journalism as a freshman and is now a part of the Inklings staff. She is interested in writing opinion pieces and learning the ropes of photography. Her goal is to capture the interests of her readers and provide accurate information each month. She is a member of several extracurricular activities including Code Red, Latin Club, Stray Dogs Improv, and will soon be a part of Student Council. She plans to be a veterinarian in the future but may change her mind along the way.

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