Finding motivation amidst quarantine proves necessary

Society’s current situation feels like a whirlwind of chaos. When one may open their front door for a breath of fresh air, the world outside can seem so peaceful. In reality, however, the global pandemic of coronavirus is taking over our country.

Almost everywhere people may look they are reminded of the COVID-19 crisis that is taking place and how the best thing for people to do is to stay inside in isolation. For people with a pre-existing mental health issue or any other person, this sudden change in lifestyle can be deteriorating for one’s mental health. When looking for a way to maintain my own sanity throughout the quarantine, I was inspired by “Frozen 2.”

The friendly snowman, Olaf, says in the film, “We’re calling this controlling what you can when things feel out of control.” This made me think of what people can do to feel as normal as possible when one’s world seems as though it has been turned upside down. 

An important thing I have been working on is to focus on things that are able to be controlled compared to aspects that are out of our hands. During this time, many people may wish that someone could take away the virus and put everything back in order. Yet, that is one of the things that is out of our control. However, the way we choose to react to the virus is within everyone’s control. Working on maintaining a positive outlook can be difficult, but it will bring along motivation to keep one’s life moving when everything else has taken a pause. After finding motivation amidst the quarantine funk, establishing a routine or a list of things to do each day can create a similar feel to the school day. Personal outlook can be a major part of taking this unfamiliar situation and shifting lifestyles to fit the current reality.

Emma Frank
Emma Frank is a Sophomore and going into her second year of journalism at Crown Point High School and her first year on Inklings. Emma enjoys creating things for others to enjoy, she is on the varsity dance team and involved in multiple clubs. Emma cannot wait to produce quality content for her peers and community. Emma plans to attend college and study business.

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