Distanced learning is a great way to continue education under quarantine

With all Indiana schools being canceled for the remainder of the academic year, e-learning is being implemented into school learning systems in order for students to complete the needed education while at home. While some school corporations already had e-learning integrated into the curriculum, others, like ours recently added it in response to the COVID-19 crisis. This new way of learning out of the comfort of our home is exhibiting positives and negatives as this is new territory for us.

E-learning is learning that utilizes electronic technologies to complete the educational curriculum outside of the traditional classroom setting. We already use Chromebooks to complete assignments at home, but the process of completing entire lessons with no teacher physically present feels a bit strange. Now when I need to ask a question about the lesson notes or homework there is no longer that personal interaction with my teacher, instead, we must use ways that follow electronic learning such as RMD messaging, email, GoGuardian chat or Zoom which is proving to be somewhat of a hassle.

Although teachers do try to respond as quickly as possible, the struggle of keeping up with a numerous amount of student messages leads to an inevitable delay for a response back. With Zoom some teachers schedule their Zoom meetings at the same time making it difficult to get information from different classes. But Zoom meetings do help and give a more personal conversation in regards to needing to talk to your teacher.

Despite e-learning exhibiting some challenges, these challenges are easily manageable and will pass seeing as this is a new and efficient way of learning for us. E-learning provides a much less tentative schedule than the usual seven class periods with passing periods in between or block scheduling. The schooling schedule running on Monday, Wednesday and Friday allows much more time to work on anything for a class at a personal pace. If I were to sleep in, I would still be able to complete all the work needed for my classes. Completing work and class lessons at home ensues a more relaxed and laid back atmosphere, and since the workload is more at a personal pace, completing future notes or assignments is an option to pass the time.

Overall, e-learning is a great way to complete school curricular work out of your own home. Despite this being a new way of doing things, this way of learning is very efficient and provides a much more relaxed and personal paced schedule while still being able to complete the required work in the needed time frame.

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