As many help COVID-19 efforts, generosity should not be criticized, must continue

Just by stepping outside, we can see the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Stores are closed, restaurants are empty and more people are staying home. With the closing of those stores and restaurants has brought mass unemployment. The livelihood of countless people has been put in jeopardy. This much is apparent, or at least it should be. The situation at hand has threatened the livelihood of countless people in varying degrees of severity.

 Because of the severity of this pandemic, many people have expressed a great amount of generosity to help those in need. Whether it be donating money or even making meals for those who need it, everyday people have extended a helping hand. Even celebrities are donating to the cause. Even though many celebrities have generously donated to help people struggling because of COVID-19, some controversy has arisen from some celebrities’ efforts to help.

The controversy hasn’t come from celebrities donating money or meals but from a lack of understanding of the struggles that other people are going through. Some celebrities have posted videos of themselves reminding people that we are all this together in social distancing and staying home.

This is upsetting people because in all reality not all of us are in this together. As good of an idea as that sounds on paper, some people are seriously struggling and barely finding ways to make ends meet if at all. 

The celebrities posting these videos don’t have to worry about their job that was lost or their family that they have to find a way to take care of now without proper pay. 

A prime example of this that has faced plenty of public backlash was a video of many celebrities including “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot singing “Imagine” by John Lennon as an attempt to connect with people in this pandemic. 

Though this was a kind gesture on the parts of the celebrities involved and their hearts were most likely in the right places, the gesture lacked an understanding of the situation many people are currently facing during this pandemic. It’s easy to say we’re in this together when you own a house worth millions of dollars and the worries of getting enough money to feed their family, buy groceries or even pay bills or rent to keep their homes are nonexistent. 

It is hard to accept the kind words of people when the people behind those words don’t understand what the common person is currently going through. The world doesn’t need words from famous rich people to move us forward, it needs the action of good people willing to help out other people currently in their situation or in a situation worse than their own. Thankfully many good people are stepping forward and helping those who need it the most.

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