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“Animal Crossing: New Leaf” is a new, entertaining game but is flawed

The quarantine due to the virus has given many people more free time which has encouraged them to turn to video games such as Animal Crossing for entertainment. This series has gained many fans over the years with its calming atmosphere and its sense of nostalgia, but does the new game really live up to standards of its predecessors or has the series fallen into mediocrity?

One of the largest complaints about the last game, “New Leaf,” was that it didn’t add much to the series. This cannot be said about the new game. “New Horizons” adds many new features such as the ability to terraform, a furniture crafting system, and a nook miles rewards program, as well as many quality of life changes giving this game a unique feel distinct from other games. “New Horizons” also gives the player lots of freedom when customizing the island allowing you to make your island any way you want.

Many people also wanted the villagers to have more personality in the new game which I do think they have achieved. They have given all the villagers interesting new dialogue as well giving them new activities to do during the day. These changes allow you to fall in love with your villagers and all their quirks.

If that was all there was to talk about you could easily give the game a 10/10 but, the game does fall behind when it comes to multiplayer. Players are only allowed to make one island per Nintendo Switch. This means that if more than one person shares the gaming device, they will be forced to use the same island. In addition to that only one person can hold the title of Resident Representative who is the only person who can major changes such as terraforming and constructing new buildings. This all effectively makes players have to buy a new Switch for every person who wants to have their own island, costing them a minimum of $300 if you are lucky enough to find a Switch in stores.

Altogether I think “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” is a great game with one major flaw. If this flaw were fixed I think the game could easily be one of the best new games, but until then it will remain pretty good with fine reviews.

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