NAHS begins painting bulldog statue

NAHS, The National Art Honor Society, is no stranger to projects to benefit the community. It is more than just an art club. They do a variety of projects throughout the year to benefit the school and give back to the community.

“It [NAHS] stands for National Art Honor Society and it is more than just art club because we do community service projects and going above and beyond the required to graduate 20 hours and those 20 hours have to be visual arts-related. Then students graduate with honors or being considered arts honors because these are students that met a GPA requirement and participated in all these community service projects,” visual arts teacher and NAHS sponsor Lyndsey Harris said. 

The main mission of NAHS is to bring artists together in a way that benefits the world around them.

“NAHS, The National Art Honor Society is the technical name for it,  it’s really just to bring artists together to work for the community, so we do community work. We do an event where we paint chairs from IKEA and we auction them off. All the proceeds go to victims of child abuse. So it’s really more like harnessing our talents and our art to benefit our society,” NAHS vice president, junior Alyssa Vivo said.

This November they started a new service project: painting a bulldog.

“The 2019 graduating class purchased the bulldog and asked us to paint it. So with that, we are painting a graduation gown and we are going to somehow attach a cap to it, and it’s going to go out in the courtyard with the other one,” student leader in charge of the bulldog, senior Anne Talbot said. 

The idea had come up as a substitute for another gift, but in the end, it became the best choice, 2019 senior class president Mackenzie Valles noted.

“The original idea for the bulldog was a group thought and decision. We had collectively been trying to decide on what gift we would like to give back to the school, and after the bike rack idea fell short of approval we decided the  bulldog would be the best option,” Valles said. “The idea for the bulldog came after some discussion of the bulldog statues at the school already. We had discussed George out front and also the one that had been in the commons and we decided a new bulldog painted by our peers would be a great new addition to the school and one that everyone could look back on years down the road.”

With this new project, it has brought some new challenges that stretch NAHS students’ creativity and problem solving. 

“I think it is an awesome school spirit service opportunity. Students are learning how to use different types of paints and paint something that is very large and three dimensional and considered environmental factors because it is going to go outside, so it’s like a real-world art experience,” Harris said.

“It’s time consuming. It is very fun to start from scratch. I’ve never really painted anything this big before,” senior Julia Knerler said.

The main goal of the bulldog, besides giving back to the school, was to also showcase the talents of CPHS students, as well as school spirit.

“The original plan for the bulldog was just to add a new addition to the school that would give NAHS another chance to showcase their beautiful talents to everyone in the school for years to come, and also to add some more bulldog spirit to the school,” Valles said.

NAHS is a great way to meet new people and for students to be apart of something for the community. As well as participate in projects like the bulldog. 

 “I think my favorite part is definitely just getting to work with other people who have the same interests as you. Another plus of joining is it looks great on college applications, it just sounds really cool to be in The National Art Honor Society, and it’s a lot of fun in general,” Vivo said. “[It] looks great on college applications, it’s great experience for working with other people and you get new and different experiences you wouldn’t get at other clubs.”

Other events are currently in the works for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year for students and families alike to participate in.

“We have a couple of things that are in our plans right now. We have a big Bob Ross painting a long event that we’re planning for at the end of the school year. We did one last year and we had a really good turn out and so we want to do it again this year, we want to do more advertising and start earlier, try to reach out past us including the middle school and elementary school and parents making it a larger scale event. . . . ,” Harris said. 

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