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“American Horror Story” delivers fantastic new season, meets expectations

Well, “American Horror Story” took us on a trip to 1984 and it was a crazy one. If you were like me, and went onto Netflix and binged the old seasons this summer, then you know what I’m talking about.

This season was my favorite as it took a turn from the casual creepy season to a thrilling season this year. Every Wednesday, it was on top of TV Ratings, including ahead of the famed “Riverdale,” and I love “Riverdale” too. After every episode, I was on the edge of my seat with every cliff hanger. This season also had ties to past seasons as well which all ties it together before the awaited final season. 

This season, had many twists and turns with many alliances and enemies between the characters and this season started out in the city of Los Angeles in 1984 where a group of teenage friends are talking about going to Camp Redwood, a casual kids summer camp hours north of Los Angeles that reopened after 14 years, to be teen guides. What they don’t realize is that Camp Redwood is the site of the mass murder just 14 years earlier. On their way there, they were warned by a gas attendant to turn around and go home, but they thought it was just a folk story. They get there and met the woman who reopened the camp Margaret Booth. Booth has a story to tell, as she was a survivor of that mass murder years earlier. She talked of the murderer a middle-aged man named Mr. Jingles, a Vietnam War vet, and the janitor of the camp hence his name Mr. Jingles because of his keys. Magaret claims he’s held in an asylum because of the murders. The teens once again just throw it back, and what could be the worst right? Well, he escapes and they don’t know much more. From there, you learn more and more background on all of the characters and the story in general. 

The end also took a twist again from the usual creepy, cliffhanger to a nice, sweet ending, that I personally loved. There are a few complaints I have though, like why some of the main characters that started out the show, weren’t the main characters by the end. I wanted more of the main characters that the show started out with. Some of the stories don’t really make sense and lag on, but otherwise, it was an amazing story and season leading up to Ryan Murphy’s final season.

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