Bachelor franchise creates unique way of finding real love

The Bachelor franchise is something people either love or hate. The idea of falling in love so quickly causes many people to believe that the show is fake, however, many contestants on the show vouch for the realness of the show. This also brings up the point that they are pretty much forced to fall in love by making the only thing to look forward to be the Bachelor or Bachelorette themselves. They are in an environment where all they do for weeks is see this man or woman and that’s it; no phones, no books, and no internet.

When it comes to the drama between the contestant, or course they are going to fight. They are all going after the same person and are constantly together. A room full of people that all want to go one a date with bachelor are not all going to be happy when the villain of that season gets the date card.

While most the relationships do not last in the long run, they do have the chance to really fall in love. Saying that, there are many couples who are either married or are still together long after their season aired. If the proposals are real, the relationships are going to be real.

One of the shows spin offs Bachelor in Paradise showed the relationship between Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper as it had its ups and downs. After a heartwarming proposal, the show wrapped up. Just a day after the proposal aired, alleged texts messages sent by Cooper were made public where she said the relationship was fake. While this may seem like the show it faked, Cooper immediately made her case in saying the messages were fake and that their relationship was real. While they did end their relationship, Kimball made his own post saying how it was all real and that he, against what he wanted to do, must end his relationship with Cooper. This shows that there is real emotions and relationships formed on the show, or else there wouldn’t have been such strong allegations and emotion behind them.

Whether or not everything on the Bachelor franchise shows are completely real, the relationships have truth behind them.

Tabitha Beishuizen
Tabitha Beishuizen is a junior at Crown Point High School and is entering her third year in the journalism department. She enjoys writing opinion and feature stories the most, but is always willing to try new things. She also likes photography and plans to better her skills throughout the year. Besides writing and photography, she is involved in many clubs and loves to bake and listen to music. In the future she plans to become a primary education teacher.

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