Teens nowadays live in harder, harsher world than their elders

Our elders need to stop using the phrase ‘back in my day’ to justify the ‘hardships’ they went through.

It is completely understandable that they didn’t get to search any question they had on the web and get an instantaneous response. They didn’t have a phone in their pocket at all times to call whoever they wanted. Sure things required work but have they noticed how much harder schools have gotten? Their toughest classes are our current freshman entry level classes.

The adults entering the workforce are tech savvy and more creative than ever before. Sure our parents have experience but we have innovation. We drive a generation of acceptance for minority groups.

There is nothing more annoying than hearing an adult complain how we have it so easy. They created a world where we expected certain technology but then expect us not to want them. If advancement is out there why do they get annoyed when we want it. They also created a world rampant with global warming which we will have to clean up.

Maybe our parents couldn’t text their friends late into the night or walked to school, but current teens are faced with criticism for what they wear and pressure to get the best grades. We have so much more on our mind, so it is very hard to spend hours playing outside with the neighborhood kids. Trust me, I’d love to act like a kid and play with my friends without worrying about school. Unfortunately, that’s impossible when colleges are harder to get into and jobs are so selective.

The times are much different than what our parents went through. Just as they had to walk to school, we have to constantly show them how to work an app on their phone. Even the seemingly simple task of taking a picture creates difficulties for some of them.
Times are so different and just because they grew up learning from books, they don’t have ground to complain that we grew with computers in our hands. If the elders we are suppose to treat with respect would stop comparing their childhood to ours, it would be easier to hear them say ‘back in my day’.

Kira Schuelka
Kira Schuelka is entering her second year in the journalism program at Crown Point High School. She is the associate editor and she is excited for another year of writing for Inklings. She enjoys writing news stories and editing other staffers’ work. Outside of Inklings, she plays Varsity Soccer, is a Director for NHS and is the Senior Class Treasurer. Kira plans to major in Business Communications and eventually become a publicist.

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