Student Council Valentine’s Day Ring Pop Sales raise money for children’s hospital

It’s a new year meaning a new fundraiser for Student Council. On their quest to raise money for worthy organizations that could use the money, Student Council will be offering Ring Pops, the accessory candy typically consumed by kids, during the Valentine’s Day season.

As the current Student Council President and former Junior Class President, Annie Brigham has been very involved in the fundraisers Student Council puts on. She’s worked closely with other events such as the Therapy Dogs event by meeting with Principal Chip Pettit and finding available dogs. Brigham plans on working just as hard on the Ring Pop Sales as she did on other tasks.

“I am really excited for this, I feel like a lot more people will eat Ring Pops than who drink Crush,” Brigham said. “This is a better, smaller way to show your love and appreciation.”

While some students may remember the Crush cans which were sold last year, Brigham thinks that Ring Pops will be just as popular. Brigham feels as though a smaller sized candy is typically more popular with students than a can of a fizzy drink.

“We did Crush cans last year but decided to do something different because we thought we could raise more money with Ring Pops,” Brigham said

The Student Council Advisor and English Teacher, Colleen Fano, shares Brigham’s enthusiasm in selling Ring Pops for a good cause. She wants to raise money because it goes back into the community and towards different families.

“Crush cans weren’t as popular [last year] and I thought Ring Pops would sell as well as Candy Grams. For our Dance Marathon, we have a goal of 10,000 dollars so we are trying to run as many fundraisers as possible so we can achieve that goal,” Fano said.

Dance Marathon, the main event that Student Council focuses on, aims to raise even more money than last year and have a larger number of student participants. Money from Dance Marathon goes to a Children’s Hospital and funds their patients.

“The money is for Lurie’s Children Hospital in Chicago for our Dance Marathon. It is a great cause that can use the money for their patients,” Brigham said. “We want to raise as much money as possible for those need it.”

Joining Brigham in her goals, Joshua Holbrook, a freshman officer, plans to raise as much money as possible for the good cause.

“I have greatly enjoyed being a Student Council Officer. It is one of the greatest ways I know of to help and serve the community,” Holbrook said. “I also cherish all the other officers, members, and teachers for their support in our Student Council.”

As a freshman, Holbrook has many future fundraisers to look forward to and raise money for. Becoming a Student Council officer may be considered important to many people because the money raised can change lives.

“I look forward to doing anything, selling, working, and serving Student Council throughout the years to come,” said Holbrook. “I joined Student Council with the mind set to serve our school with compassion, and I cherish doing so.”

Ring Pop sales start soon and are only on sale for a week. Those interested in purchasing should do so right away. According to Fano, the money goes to a great cause and is an easy way to show love to friends.

“The Ring Pops will be sold February 5th through the 9th at the lunch table. Anyone hoping to buy can also come into C114 and talk to me,” Fano said. “They are being distributed February 14th which is a Wednesday during Resource.”

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