Allow rivalries to be an emotional escape from hard hitting issues

Editioral Cartoon
Cartoon by Madelyn Whitaker

There is enough in the world to be stressed about. Everyday there are tragedies occurring in the world. School rivalries should be a fun stress reliever. They should be based around fun and playful competition. The worst thing schools could do is to take the competitive nature of sports teams and target schools too aggressively.

Much can be gained from competition. It makes games more entertaining and each win feel a little better. Sports and musical competitions are based around the idea of trying to do better than someone else. Therefore, it makes sense why athletes and performers enjoy defeating other groups from different schools.
This all turns sour if it is taken too seriously. It’s the rivalries that get taken way too far that result in slanderous name calling and destruction of property. When something meant to create fun turns into a another place of division, a school rivalry has gone wrong.

We are in high school for a short four years. Why should students waste their time getting so heated over the small things between their schools? High school goes by fast enough that if we are too absorbed in the nonsense rivalries we will not get the chance to truly enjoy the Friday night lights.
Although rivalries draw lines, they also can create unity. The close quarters of the student section at any school sports event is an example of this. The sounds of students who wouldn’t usually talk, cheering together all for a common cause. High school can be divisional but it in the end, it also creates something that you share in common and can bond with close to 1,000 people over, bulldog pride.

We should showcase these rivalries to be a source of friendly competition and not actual competition. Every school is composed differently from demographics to opportunities. Rivalries that place stereotypes on the schools need to disintegrate and become a thing of the past because nobody and no school is benefitting from them. If anything, the area takes a hit from the negative connotations given to them by other town schools.

Rivalries create a hype for students but they also create a problem. Negative attacks on the school and its students occur when the rivalry becomes too much. Let rivalries be something fun not another thing to worry about.speakups

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