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“The Greatest Showman” meets expectations

In the 20s seeing a bearded woman or a man covered in tattoos was considered taboo. Without exploiting the members of the show Barnum and Bailey Circus gave unique people a place to shine in society, but the show was not an easy success. Phineas Taylor Barnum created something for people to enjoy during the hard times of the civil war that carried out for many years to come. First-time director, Michael Gracey’s, “The Greatest Showman”, follows a love story between a man, his wife and show business.

“The Greatest Showman” was nominated for three Golden Globes and walked away with one. Winning best original song for “This is Me” written by Justin Paul and Benji Pasek. “This is Me” is a moving song about embracing who you are and not caring what anyone else has to say.

“The Greatest Showman” lived up to expectations with help from Paul and Pasek who contributed to the success of “La La Land”. With 11 wonderfully crafted songs the movie is filled with joyous notes of acceptance and triumph. The album reached number one on the top 100 billboard charts with 106,000 copies sold in the United States.

Despite all the musical numbers throughout the movie, the song “A Million Dreams” seemed to be playing in the background too much by too many different characters. Although the song is good and has a great message, it becomes drawn out and repetitive.

Most commonly known as Wolverine, actor Hugh Jackman steps out of his expected action-style characters and plays the singing and dancing P.T. Barnum. Jackman’s performance was very true to the story and seemed natural to him. Going back to his “High School Musical” roots, Zac Efron plays the role of Phillip Carlyle, the man who makes Barnum’s show appeal to the upper class. After Efron’s hiatus from singing it is a pleasant surprise to see him in a musical.

Although the trapeze artist (Zendaya) has a powerful role, her part in the musical causes recognition to be lost for others. The bearded lady (Keala Settle) has a powerful voice and gave a raw performance on how it feels to be outcasted.

Barnum made a show where the outcasted could be accepted. After the show started becoming recognized, the once hidden were now able to flourish. Although Barnum stretched the truth for the success of the show, it was a lie that brought people joy during such a dull time.

With a surprise ending the movie reminds you to take a step back from what will give you recognition and caution you to keep your initial intentions alive and always do what makes you happy.  

“The Greatest Showman” lived up to the name and told a true story with a magnificent twist. Even if one is not a fan of musicals, “The Greatest Showman” can still be enjoyed. Without having an overwhelming amount of song and dance, the storyline is what makes the movie so special.

Emma Frank
Emma Frank is a Sophomore and going into her second year of journalism at Crown Point High School and her first year on Inklings. Emma enjoys creating things for others to enjoy, she is on the varsity dance team and involved in multiple clubs. Emma cannot wait to produce quality content for her peers and community. Emma plans to attend college and study business.

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