Should educators and staff members be subject to random drug testing?

chloePro : Drug testing educators helps maintain a safe, productive school environment for students

Educators have as much of an effect on students as celebrities do. Though drug testing occurs with students, educators aren’t getting drug tested, and recent events show that they should be. Random drug testing is beneficial for students and educators because without these drug tests, life-changing events could happen.

Educators interact with students everyday, and while being an adult has some advantages, it also comes with making choices that may lead to mistakes as well. If you have a job that gives you the power to make a difference to others, you should be making decisions that will benefit others in a promising way. Some of these mistakes can be making the wrong choices without thinking of the consequences of your doing.

Students actions reflect on their parents, their peers and their educators. While being a teacher comes with the responsibility of a lasting impression to many students each day, they should be able to communicate and show the correct and responsible way of enjoying life in high school in a smart way. Drug testing provides a secure way in keeping teachers professional and honest about their private life. The school has the right to know what teachers are doing in their private life if it effects the students and people around them. If a teacher was doing drugs and coming to school while on drugs, students could feel that drugs are a positive thing and that it is fine to do them, when in reality, it isn’t. Instead of helping steer kids into the right way in life, they would direct them into the wrong path. They wouldn’t be able to give students the proper help if they were struggling themselves. Also, if a teacher is doing these drugs, it makes students feel unsafe and uncomfortable in a place that students should feel the opposite in.

Educators getting caught with drugs would create a reputation of the community. It is an overview of what the community is like; your students as well as the educators represent the school. If a teacher gets caught doing anything illegal, the school is going to have a negative light shone on itself and on the community.

Overall, in order to make students and other educators feel safe and comfortable in their everyday environment, educators should be drug tested to keep them honest and professional. They have a huge influence on students and on the reputation of the community.

jadamsCon : Faculty drug testing unnecessary, costly move  that overreacts to rare instances it might catch

Making educators a subject to random drug testing is an unnecessary infringement of their rights. Drug testing not only indicates which illegal substances a person is using but also which prescription medications a person is taking and whether or not a person is pregnant. Drug testing reveals medical information that people deserve to keep private. Forcing educators to participate in such a test would be invasive and, under some circumstances, such as if someone has a medical disease or disorder– cruel.

Furthermore, if an educator’s performance is exemplary then there should be no need for that educator to participate. Schools, however, should have the right to test educators that exhibit suspicious or inappropriate behavior that could be harmful to students.

This gives the school probable cause and is not a violation of one’s rights. An educator’s private life is none of a school’s concern and it should only be considered if it is interfering with their work. Extensive background checks must also be performed on an educator by the police before they are hired. It is very unlikely that they would surpass this rigorous investigation of one’s records. Making educators undergo another round of examination would be extreme.

In Indiana the law does not encourage drug testing meaning it is not required by employers to perform. If it does not need to be in place in a work environment, then it should not be forced by or on people who do not want to participate.

Also, drug testing is obviously not free which is why it should only be performed if the school has a justifiable reason for doing so. Schools would be spending money on unnecessary drug tests when they could have spent it on other important things. This could include things like structural improvements, funding arts or sports programs or even improving how satisfactory a school lunch is.

Some schools may not even have adequate funding for minimal necessities, causing required drug testing to be even more of a burden.

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