Key Club puts on Christmas party for children in community

Key Club and National Art Honor Society members put on the Christmas Party where one station was to paint faces with winter decorations. Key Club’s Christmas event celebrated the holiday spirit with multiple stations and crafts all for young children. Photo by Ashley Rekitzke

The holiday season comes alive with snow on the ground, Christmas music in the air and Christmas spirit in the hearts of many. Another representation is the Key Club’s annual Christmas party for local elementary students.

“We have games, we have decorations, we have someone that’s taking care of prop set up for the Santa stuff, we have arts and crafts, we’re doing cookies they can decorate and all those things,” Key Club sponsor, Spanish teacher Angela Keaveney said.

Key Club has put on many parties in the past. Key Club president, senior Abbie Gelon, was present for the past parties and hopes this year’s Christmas party will be a big success with the children in the community.

“The goal of the Christmas party is to provide the elementary school kids in the area with a fun holiday party to go to because we also just did a Halloween one and the Christmas one is very similar just Christmas themed and we have games, crafts, face painting, we have a Wii,” Gelon said.

This year’s party was held on Dec. 13, at the high school from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The party was a community event held for the students at local elementary schools aimed to give high school students the opportunity to gain service hours working the party and give kids a night of fun activities.

“There are so many kids this year, so the way we’re doing it for the parties is we break off into committee groups so there’s a decoration group, a food group, a craft group, a game group, all sorts of groups,” Gelon said.

Although the Christmas party had a main goal to give kids a night of Christmas fun, it is also an extra opportunity for Key Club members to gain service hours and build character.

“The goal of the Christmas party is to provide a fun event for kids in the community that [Key Club volunteers] put on so they get the chance to provide service for those kids and their parents,” Keaveney said. “We also have leaders, and then in terms of character you have to represent the club and the school and yourself in a really good way, so it helps with character too.”

Not only does the Christmas party benefit our local children, but they will also be collecting donations for the St. Joseph’s Carmelite Home in East Chicago. Key Club is constantly looking for organizations to help out.

“We have all these different impact groups. We have people that are doing some things for the homeless, we have people that are doing things for the elderly, we have people that are doing things with kids. We also collected things for the troops. They’re talking about doing the thirst project and raising money for that. We have a project aimed towards animals and the humane society and other charities,” Keaveney said.

Sophomore Grace Baker enjoys the service Key Club brings to the community.

“The goal of the Christmas party is to have fun and get people interested in Key Club,” Baker said.

Morgan Cooper
Morgan Cooper, a sophomore at Crown Point High School, is going on to her second year in journalism and first year on staff. She enjoys writing features and opinion pieces, and wants to try to take photos for the Inklings. She is also involved in bowling, Latin club, Best Buddies, CASS, and The CURE. In, college she hopes to major in psychology.

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