Net Neutrality is not a luxury, it is a necessity

Where is the justification? Where is the reason? Lately, the government seems to have lost their senses. First they banned transgenders from defending our country, then they repealed DACA, and now, under the Trump administration, the F.C.C. has abandoned Net Neutrality.

As the technology-obsessed society that we have become, it can be generalized that we want to speak freely on the Internet when we please and without varying charges between online services and websites. By repealing Net Neutrality, Americans leave the way they are able to use the Internet in the hands of the leaders of large mobile corporation, the selfish CEOs who want nothing more than our money.

Not only is the Trump administration blatantly disregarding our right to access information online, they are also using this decision as a tool for their own personal gain. Trump is a businessman, not a politician, and this decision is a way to make the rich richer and leaving Internet users and everyday American citizens at the will of those who have an obscene abundance of money.

Without Net Neutrality, Internet content is no longer created equally. Those in control can increase and decrease WiFi speeds at their own will, and they are able to manipulate Internet access as they see fit, not at the rate that would be most beneficial to those using it. They can make us see content that they want faster while leaving their competitor’s content on an endless loading screen to increase their profit and exposure.

NETNEUTNow, prices can rise and fall, speeds can increase and decrease, and frustrations are bound to ensue. Mobile carriers, online streaming services, and online corporation owners can change their prices on a whim and rob our pockets due to our lack of online protection.

Trump has never failed to anger millions of Americans with his rash attitude and unjustifiable decisions. Americans are stuck with a president that has no political experience, and they are left to watch his strictly capitalist decisions drive his political career. His administration has a history of acting contrary to popular opinion, and this further continues that trend.

As Americans, we need to fight so that our right to unrestricted Internet access is not tampered with. Grab your phones, call your congressman and let them know how important this issue is to you. Net Neutrality is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

Madelyn Whitaker
Madelyn Whitaker is a sophomore going into her second year in journalism but her first year on the Inklings staff. She also runs varsity track and cross country, and is in the Kiwanis Club. She enjoys reading, writing, and cooking. Madelyn she enjoys writing opinion pieces and arts and entertainment pieces. Madelyn hopes to improve her writing and photography skills on staff this year. She wants to go to college and get a degree in biophysics or chemical/biological engineering.

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