Making time for social enjoyment equals academics in importance

If there was a club named “too obsessed with school,” I would be the president. For anyone who has ever seen me in the hallway, you probably saw me walking extremely fast. That’s because I was rushing to class to do even more studying before the bell rang.

Looking back on it now, my life as a student has really been a series of me writing frantically on worksheets, flipping through book pages like a filing cabinet and typing swiftly on a keyboard. I would have to say that there hasn’t been a whole lot of downtime.

Sure, I’ve been successful academically. I’ve gotten awards, been placed as a leader in some clubs and made good multiple test choices. My trips to the principal’s office are because of interviews. But in all honesty, I can’t look back on the past four years and say I’ve had that much fun.

The definition of fun is different to many, but for me, it would just mean going to school dances or parties on the weekend. I wouldn’t want anything crazy, just something outside of doing homework on a Saturday night, or catching up on my overloaded inbox.

I do not regret my hard work. How could I? It has resulted in amazing opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. I’ll admit that I love the challenge of an AP class, or the rush of waiting to hear my grade on a test. I really do care so much about school and grades and studying, but I wish I would have cared more about having fun, too.

At 17 years old, I’m still waiting to have that magical moment at a dance. I’m still dreaming of those incredible parties like in the movies. As the days draw closer to graduation, I’m still keeping hope that my time for fun is still out there.
If I could go back to freshman year, I would let myself in on a little secret: it all really isn’t the end of the world. Not every test needs an hour of review the night before. You’re not too busy to go out with some friends and see a movie. There is in fact time to separate school from the rest of your life.

So for all of the underclassmen, please take my advice when I say enjoy yourself. For some, that comes easily. But for people like me, it is nearly impossible to take a step back. It is worth creating a balance in your life, equally between an academic life and a social one.

Audrey Gacsy
Audrey Gacsy is a senior at Crown Point High School. She has been involved in the journalism program for four years. As a sophomore, Audrey was inducted into Quill and Scroll, and has been a member since. During her time on staff, Audrey has enjoyed writing stories, selling ads, and editing pages. This year as a Co-editor-in-chief, Audrey is looking forward to helping other staffers grow as journalists and is excited to improve upon her own skills. Outside of journalism, Audrey enjoys being a Scholarship Director for National Honor Society and member of Best Buddies International. She plans to go to college for Accounting and International Finance. Eventually, Audrey aims to practice financial law.

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