Should computer programming be a core requirement?

Pro : Computer programming is a positive addition that creates variety in the core subjects offered

ThomasThe world is becoming increasingly technological. This is why there is a need to introduce computer programming as a core requirement.

Making it a core requirement would give students experience with the subject so when deciding what to do post-secondary, they have a better idea. Also, having computer programming skills is extremely useful. It allows one to be able to design a quick website, app, or even game. In a society where power is held in one hands, it is a huge deal for people to understand how that power works.

Mark Zuckerberg was able to found one of the most powerful social networking websites in the world, Facebook, with his knowledge of computer programming skills. Imagine what others could do if they were introduced to the same skills in the years leading up to college.

To continue, many students do not find satisfaction in the traditional core classes. Introducing computer programming would allow more students to find something they love to do. It would also open up opportunities for the school to have a more advanced technology system if the majority of students understood even the basics of coding.
Additionally, since a majority of schoolwork is done on Chromebooks, having an understanding of how they work would positively benefit students. Students are constantly having to go to the Learning Commons. Teachers are constantly having to email technology personnel. All of this is for help with computers and online technology. If students had basic computer programming skills, they could solve problems on their own as well as help others.

One of the main arguments against computer programming being a core subject is that it is not important to all students. The same could be said about the existing core subjects. Having a variety allows all students to find something they are passionate about. Computer programming just adds to the pool of subjects for students to find interest in.

Students are constantly trying to decide their future while in high school. The addition of computer programming to the core curriculum would allow a new way for students to find something they are interested in.

Con : Computer programming is unnecessary and does not have a useful place in core curriculum

RaloffHigh school students are constantly told what field to study in college so that they can optimize their income for the future. They are informed that every class they take will be useful in the future from the geometry formulas they learn to the minor details of battles during WWI. Why then should they have another class added to their required courses?

Admittedly, computer programming may be important for the future, and that particular job industry is growing. However, rather than make it a core requirement our school should simply encourage those interested to take it as an elective. It should be a class based on interest rather than requirement. By forcing students to take it to receive a diploma, the class will be filled with students who have no interest in coding rather than having the select few who will find the course especially rewarding.

Should our school require all students to take computer programming, and students who are not interested are shoved into a class they would not choose otherwise, multiple students could receive less than favorable grades.

This could impact those who are skilled in other areas.

We already use Chromebooks for the majority of our homework, quizzes, and tests. As we continue to use it we gain the knowledge we need.

For example, turning things in and doing research. Many students who have never taken a computer programming class may still continue using their devices without confusion. If someone doesn’t know how to do something they can simply ask.

Every student has their own interests. Our school gives us the opportunity to try out our talents and interests in electives. If you’re interested in the specifics and technicalities of computers, or if you feel as if you want a job that relates, you should have the choice to study and learn about it in high school. However, if someone who has zero interest in that field, and it doesn’t apply to the career path they want to follow, they shouldn’t be forced to learn it.

Alexia Wojciechowski
Alexia Wojciechowski is a senior at Crown Point High school and has been involved in the journalism program for all four years. She is the online editor-in-chief and hopes to use her leadership role as a way to help grow the staff’s online presence. Alexia enjoys writing feature, news, and A&E stories for Inklings. Along with journalism, Alexia is involved in National Honors Society and is the co-president of Business Professionals of America. Aside from school, Alexia loves traveling and has a passion for cooking. After high school, she plans to pursue pre-medicine to eventually become a general practitioner.

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