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Life altering movies : Motion-pictures cause powerful change in societal norms, outlooks

The dimming of the lights causes a hush to grow over the enthusiastic voices as the screen begins to dance with color. There is something so remarkable about the way a movie theater can bring a group of strangers together. Movies are a combination of various forms of art. They contain music, elements of literature, cinematography, animation and evoke human emotion. The way movies are presented has advanced over time, but their effects on the population have stayed the same. The film industry represents the melting pot of all types of art at their purest stage. This is why movies have the ability to influence a change in someone’s life. There are several genres and subgenres that pertain to the interests of the audience. Movies can cause a shift in perspective, provide reassurance or a sense of purpose. There are both powerful and awful messages that can be spread through a production. There are also so many wonderful things that can move past the silver screen and into a person’s soul. This is one of the reasons why people just can’t stop coming back for more. Motion-pictures are timeless when it comes to the way that they touch the lives of the viewers. Here are some movies that have changed our lives.


Olivia Budzevski
Olivia Budzevski is a sophomore at Crown Point High School. She completed Beginning Journalism as a freshman and is now a part of the Inklings staff. She is interested in writing opinion pieces and learning the ropes of photography. Her goal is to capture the interests of her readers and provide accurate information each month. She is a member of several extracurricular activities including Code Red, Latin Club, Stray Dogs Improv, and will soon be a part of Student Council. She plans to be a veterinarian in the future but may change her mind along the way.

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