Do not judge others based on differing levels of wealth or needs


We live in a country established on freedom and justice. We stress the importance of acceptance although most of the country does not follow suit. With societal and governmental changes, it is hard for people to withhold their judgment. It is a struggle for some adults to stay ahead on their financial stances and for the youth to feel welcomed amongst their peers. Students who watch their parents struggle to pay the next bill may feel embarrassed to ask for help.

Sadly, money is the major culprit of humanity and many strive to simply feel accepted. Those with less than the middle class are called “dirt poor,” gaining a negative connotation reflected on their current financial situation. Others higher than the middle class are considered “filthy rich”, again, giving them a negative response for their amount of money. In this world consumed with judgment, it is difficult to ever feel ahead. This world makes anything less than perfect sound wrong. The economy as a whole has taken a hard hit and as such many have found themselves needing more help than previously.

With the ever-changing economy comes the ever changing lifestyles of society. Why are we judging people on their financial status? It is ridiculous to judge in the first place, but to judge on finances is one of the worst possible positions for judgment. There are situations in which people cannot control their lack of money or their supplement of money. Society just needs to stop judging others whether they have money or not. It is childish and inconsiderate to consider one’s money supply as what makes them human.

In elementary schools, it seems as though there is a kindness poster every few feet. Students are taught to be emotionally and socially healthy through programs and everyday education. How is it that with age, there is a loss of general compassion? It is on the shoulders of adults to set beneficial examples for children, and that can start with being less judgmental regarding income.

There are many different needs for some people. They may need something as small as a new toothbrush and who are we as a society to look the other way while they are in the need. If we teach compassion and will others to help, America as a whole can be supportive rather than abandoning.speakup

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