Steamwhistle Coffee Roasters brings new flare to community

With the cold months fastly approaching, a cool place to get away from the cold is a must. This sandwich and coffee shop duo is just the spot to enjoy a nice meal, coffee and even hang out with friends.

Opened in 2017, The Steamwhistle Coffee Roasters has high quality cuisine, refreshments and service which is all thanks to sophomore Kylee, senior Brendan Jury and their family. The family has been brewing in their home for many years, and has now decided to share their coffee with the community. They have done a wonderful job of opening a successful business in close proximity to our school.

Photo by Ashley Rekitzke
Photo by Ashley Rekitzke

Though the shop itself is small, it serves its purpose quite nicely. The shop is so cozy and is really a charming space. The wooden wall adds a really nice touch to the place itself. A ton of other small touches, including wooden tables, vintage pictures, and even a wooden pew add a modern but vintage take on the place. Some items used in the shop are for sale, as well.

The sandwich was a turkey panini topped with turkey, smoked gouda, apple slices and spinach with herb mayo. This sandwich was absolutely incredible and mouth watering. The apple slices, which were on the actual sandwich, added a whole other dimension to the sandwich and made it ten times better. This sandwich, served warm, is the perfect mix of flavors and textures to make one delicious masterpiece that will not disappoint.

The coffee drink purchased was a plain iced mocha. The drink, topped with whipped cream, cost $4. It truly hit the spot with the perfect amount of sugar and coffee. The drink itself was way bigger than expected, so it was a nice surprise when the drink finally came out.

Not only was the food amazing, but the quality and service put in to the restaurant was outstanding.

The people working the cash register and cooking the sandwiches were very nice. They make the shop really feel at home for all of their guests, by checking up frequently and making the visit personable.

Overall, this restaurant was a really great experience. The family did an unbelievable job of really making a place for teens and adults to hang out, producing great food and making guests feel at home.

Erin Muller
Erin Muller is a sophomore at CPHS. This will be her second year in journalism and first on the Inklings staff. She enjoys writing features and opinion pieces and she is hoping to take pictures for Inklings. Outside of Inklings, Erin is Student Council sophomore secretary and is involved in many other clubs and activities including Key Club, Theatre, German Club, Advanced Orchestra and Pulse. She is planning on majoring in Physical Therapy in college.

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