NHS members bell ring to raise funds for Salvation Army

Seniors Skylar Gomez, Aimee Anderson and Gabrielle Price volunteer through NHS to bell ring for Salvation Army to raise money during the holiday season. Photo by Ashley Rekitzke

The season of giving is right around the corner and for some students, volunteering to raise money is one way to contribute to the community. National Honor Society students will take part in those sounds of ringing in hope of just a little change to help the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army helps people including the elderly, veterans, homeless, addicts and human trafficking victims. Vice President of National Honor Society, senior Hannah Wylie believes that bell ringing gives a chance for a group of students to give back around the holidays.

“National Honor Society does bell ringing for a group service project; it’s also a great way to help out around the holidays. Bell ringing gets our members out in the community and gives people a chance to help others,” Wylie said.

The Salvation Army helps people including the elderly, veterans, homeless, addicts and human trafficking victims. Senior Skylar Gomez feels as though volunteering is a great way to give back around a holiday.

“Volunteering to bell ring for the Salvation Army helps improve and even save many lives within our community and also when it comes to natural disasters. The money donated provides basic needs such as food, clothing, and housing for those in need,” Gomez said.

Bell ringing comes with many benefits as well as disadvantages. Junior Michael Anderson believes that although being in cold can be difficult it still make him merry. Anderson also believes that one of the many benefits of bell ringing is gathering money for those who aren’t as well-off as some.

“Besides being cold, it makes me feel happy because I know I’m helping out other people in the community,” Anderson said. “Also, one of the biggest benefits of bell ringing is just knowing that you’re out there collecting money for those who aren’t as fortunate as we are.”

If students missed the chance to donate in person at Stracks on Broadway, students can donate online to Salvation Army, and click the tab “Ways to Give.”

“Other students can donate at any of the sites, and sign up themselves directly with the Salvation Army,” Wylie said. “Last year we won an award because we raised the most money during our NHS time slot.”

Giving back can be the most pleasing feeling around the winter season. Gomez believes bell ringing gives a sense of fulfillment, as well as festivity into the community while making a difference for others.

“Bell ringing is a very uplifting and rewarding experience,” Gomez said. “It made me happy when I realized how many people were willing to donate and were passionate to the cause”

Ashley Rekitzke
Ashley Rekitzke is a junior at Crown Point High School. She is a second year staffer on Inklings, currently is an assistant editor as well as a photographer. She is the third member of her family to be on Inklings and hopes to live up to the reputation of her siblings. She enjoys writing reviews, opinion pieces, and also enjoys taking pictures of sports events. She hopes to inspire others to try their best and help others as much as possible. Outside of journalism, she enjoys playing softball and travelling. Her place to travel is Disney world because it always happy and full of positive vibes. Ashley hopes for another good year on staff.

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