Support local Crown Point businesses as the holiday season approaches

It’s that time of year again. The streets a bustling and the people are hollering. The world-wide web is exploding with so many gift orders that it almost shuts down. But do we even think about the local mom and pop shops that have been in our town for so long? Do we go into Papa’s Deli to have a delicious sandwich named after a hot spot in Crown Point? Do we shop at the toy stores inside the Courthouse for our gifts or purchase candy from the local candy shop in the Courthouse too? Most would answer no to all these questions.
We live in a time where we are all so hung up on ordering gifts because we don’t have time to grab gifts from a shop. That needs to stop. It is important to support the local businesses the old town square has to offer. These local businesses count on us to keep them running. They count on us to advertise and speak on their behalf, so they can stay in business. If it weren’t for us, many of these local places would have those “CLOSED” signs hanging in their windows with all the colorful signs ripped off their facades. That is sad. It is our job as the relatives or newcomers of our ancestors in the community to continue the hardworking ideal within the town, especially during this day and age.

I wish I could grab a sandwich more often at Papa’s Deli. As a child, I remember going in and Papa greeting his customers and being a very nice man to anyone and everyone that entered through the door. As I get older, my schedule fills up faster and time is taken away with other things, but if I have the option to support local or international, I will definitely choose local if they have what I need.

Why not take this time to reassess who you want to support? We have the choice to support companies who have international support or businesses who count on the kind souls in their town to support their strong efforts of running a local business.

We’re approaching a time of generosity and kindness. A time to spread joy to everyone, so why not support your local businesses and spread some cheer not only through the holidays but year round.

Grace Cleland
Grace Cleland is a senior at Crown Point High School. She has been involved in the journalism program at CPHS for four years, three of which she was involved in the production of the paper. As a sophomore, Grace was inducted into Quill and Scroll and has continued to enhance her journalism skills since. She has enjoyed writing an array of stories, designing multiple pages and dabbling in photography. As co-editor-in-chief, Grace is looking forward to working with a very talented staff and showcasing their amazing journalistic abilities. In addition to her Inklings endeavors, Grace is involved in many other clubs at CPHS and works at a creative studio. After high school, she plans to attend college for Communications and French with a minor in Journalism and eventually pursue her dream of traveling and working with an array of people.

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