Dodgeball held to raise money while maintaining student involvement

There are many ways to raise money and awareness for causes that deserve it. The school orientated club, Pulse, is using dodgeball to collect non perishable items and money for Phil’s Friends, an organization that gives care packages to people dealing with cancer.

“For this tournament, we’re going to be getting non-perishable items like boxed foods or bath and beauty products.
Teams register by donating items instead of paying money,” economics teacher Vince Lewis said.

Senior Caroline Sarbieski is the president of Habitat for Humanity, and a member of Pulse. Sarbieski has helped organize this event, and has found a way to intertwine both clubs. The dodgeball event is being held through Pulse, but all of the collections are going through Habitat for Humanity to benefit Phil’s Friends.

On Wed., Dec. 13, there is a dodgeball tournament being held. Students can enter the tournament by seeing Lewis in his room C220. The last day to enter the competition is Dec. 12.

“At the last tournament we had fifteen teams that signed up, with at least six people per team, so the total turnout of players was around 100 students,” Lewis said.

Not only are students given the opportunity to participate, they can also go to the event just to watch.

“We’ll be moving in a lot of bleachers for all of the spectators and for the championship game. There will also be a bake sale that Interact club is holding during the tournament,” Lewis said.

This event is geared to be a holiday friendly event. The money that is collected will be given to those in need who are unable to celebrate the holiday season without donations.

“It’ll help raise some money and getting some things to people that are in need. They will register their teams with a holiday themed uniform” Lewis said. “You won’t want to miss it.”

Jessi Alcorta-Robles
Jessi Alcorta-Robles, junior, is a second year Inklings staffer and she’s been in the journalism program at CPHS for three years. She enjoys writing opinionated and entertainment stories. After her senior year, she plans to pursue a career in Journalism at Indiana University.

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