Why not Kaepernick?

If we were to tune into a few NFL games this Sun- day, we’d see players such as Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy and Adam “Pacman” Jones. All of these players are former Pro Bowl-ers, but that isn’t the only thing they have in common. All of those players, plus many more suiting up on Sunday, have been arrested on charges of physical or sexual assault.

There’s a player we won’t see on Sunday — not because he beat up his girlfriend or committed a violent crime. Instead, he did something unspeakable to NFL owners and many fans alike: peacefully protesting against police brutality by kneeling during the National Anthem.

The fact that Colin Kaepernick is still not a part of an NFL team is a clear indication of how skewed the NFL owners’ and fans’ values are in regards to player conduct.

It is very unfair of the NFL not to employ Kaepernick. He’s proven to be an effective quarterback, certainly good enough to be a starter on multiple teams.

Many teams hire violent players, justifying it by the notion that they’re trying to ‘win as many games as possible’. If this is truly the case, teams should not be afraid to sign Kaepernick, who has done nothing other than using his basic human rights to shed light on a serious issue.

By playing well in the NFL, you are granted one of the biggest platforms in the world to express your opinion and have it be heard. It doesn’t add up when player-criminals are given this right, but innocent Kaepernick has the same right stripped.

Millions of fans this Sunday will cheer for Adrian Peterson, who was arrested for beating his 4 year old son in 2014. For Greg Hardy, who was arrested in 2015 for attacking and threatening his then-girlfriend at gunpoint. For Adam Jones, who has been arrested ten times since 2006 for various assaults.

Colin Kaepernick, however, will watch it all from home, stripped of the voice, platform, and job he deserves as much as anyone else.

Timmy Abbott
Timmy Abbott is a junior entering his second year of journalism and his first year on staff. In addition to Inklings, he is a part of Key Club, Pulse, NHS and Student Council. Timmy’s hobbies include watching sports, playing Xbox, and listening to music. He plans to go to college after high school, but is unsure about what to study.

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