Children should never be used to politically bargain

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Until a few weeks ago, I didn’t even know what DACA, as it is widely referred to, meant. I had always known that the Obama Administration gave special benefits to illegal immigrants who were children, but I never recognized it as an immigration policy. I thought of it as a moral policy.

President Trump has taken steps to end the era of DACA and the benefits it provides. This means current recipients can expect their amnesty to phase out. Immigrant children, largely raised in the United States, will eventually find themselves without any protection. They may even eventually be deported.

This is a difficult idea to comprehend. As Americans, we inherently see the United States as the most humane place to live. Unfortunately, the removal of DACA benefits makes that vision fade.

The truth is that by ending the era of DACA, the United States is ending the era of a moral conscience. The line of what’s right and wrong has to be drawn somewhere, and it should really begin with the children. Children are the beacon of light for society, so how could Americans see one child as shining a brighter light than another?

As a legal child, it scares me to imagine a country that could turn on another child so easily. I could be that person losing DACA benefits. If my great- grandparents, who were born abroad, had been deported back to their native countries, where would that leave me? I would be a child living in eastern Europe without the same opportunities that I thankfully have today.

It’s past time for both sides of the aisle to evaluate decisions from the perspective of a kind human being. All political parties have to recognize that children are the foundation of this nation. Without immigrants, there would be no Americans at all.

Audrey Gacsy
Audrey Gacsy is a senior at Crown Point High School. She has been involved in the journalism program for four years. As a sophomore, Audrey was inducted into Quill and Scroll, and has been a member since. During her time on staff, Audrey has enjoyed writing stories, selling ads, and editing pages. This year as a Co-editor-in-chief, Audrey is looking forward to helping other staffers grow as journalists and is excited to improve upon her own skills. Outside of journalism, Audrey enjoys being a Scholarship Director for National Honor Society and member of Best Buddies International. She plans to go to college for Accounting and International Finance. Eventually, Audrey aims to practice financial law.

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