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Know Before You Vote: Homecoming Court

Homecoming Kings

Ken Decker

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(Readers) should now that I would be honored to be named the Homecoming King for the class of 2017, and that nobody would look better with the crown on then me!
I’m a really cool dude, I love to play guitar and music in general, I love to skateboard, I love animals, and I just love good vibes with everybody!
I’ve been a member of our basketball team every year, have been in German Club, as well as, (I am) joining the guitar club.    


Max Jenks

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A quick couple of things about me: I am a very social and I always try my best to make everyone feel like they are included.
Some fun facts about me:  I am currently training to get my pilots license and I plan on attending University of North Dakota next fall.
I am not currently involved in any clubs at the high school level, but I am a coach for the Taft Middle School Science Olympiad team and also the Robotics team. I enjoy teaching the kids and preparing them for clubs and teams at the high school level.

Brad Kurtz

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Readers should know that I am a genuine and straight forward person. That is, besides my real name really isn’t Brad, it’s James. Even then, that’s not really a secret.
Some facts about me: I am the third child of six. I will graduating a semester early to study Law and play soccer at the University of Virginia. My dog’s name is Beau and I have a Cat named Sierra.
I played soccer for the High School from Freshman to Junior year. During my freshman year, the team won a State Championship. I also kicked for the football my Junior year. I am also a part of NHS and Students Helping Students.


Caleb Scibbe

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I think readers should know that I am a fun loving guy. I guess you could say I’m rather over the top and obnoxious. It’s all part of who I am. I do what I want and I don’t care if people judge me. I love my family and  of course I love my theatre family. I love making people laugh and I love to serve others in any way I can.
Facts about me would be that I am joining the military after high school. I can do a Russian accent. I’m an ISSMA Gold Medalist. I’m the youngest child of nine. I am an uncle with three nieces, three nephews, and one unknown on the way. I love movies, musicals, and plays. I am a weird history buff.
I am involved in Theatre and choir at the high school. I have been in theatre since freshman year. I’ve been in all different roles from being a chorus member to the lead in last year and this year’s play. I’ve been in choir since sixth grade. I’m in the men’s a capella group, QYP. We’re the guys in the red suits if you’ve ever come to a choir concert. I’m in a dance group. I volunteer with the children’s ministry at my church I’ve been doing that for many years.


Sasha Stefanovic

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Readers should know that I am a funny, kind, and friendly person. Some facts about me is that my real name is Aleksandar and I am Serbian and Macedonian. I am involved in basketball, athletic council, and (National) Honor’s Society.


Homecoming Queens

Sophia Alessia

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Before readers vote for me, they should know that I am absolutely honored to be elected to represent the senior class for Homecoming. I believe I got elected because I try to be friends with everyone. With this being said, I find it hard to develop harsh relationships with people because It is important to treat everyone with kindness, honesty, and respect. Those three words are the backbones to all of my friendships. I enjoy surrounding myself with genuine people, and I will not let this justify me as a person. I try to be caring and loving towards everyone and I welcome anyone who needs it. Not only is this a positive quality to have, but a fun one as I meet new personalities everyday. Having this fun environment makes school enjoyable for me, and keeps me open minded to many different perspectives people may carry. I hope I can become a Queen that is appreciated by everybody.
Some cool stuff about me is that I love helping others. Football and lacrosse are my favorite sports, and I love to smile (if you haven’t noticed). Another couple things are that I have a dog named Frank. People think my brother is cooler than me (he is a study hall teacher), and I have taken more science classes then I can count throughout high school. Also, I work for Dani Nelson at Bride and Joy Boutique!
I am involved in a good amount of things through the high school and the community. I’m an equipment manager for the CPHS football team, I have been since freshman year. I play club lacrosse for Crown Point and I have been playing for about four years now. Also, I’m a part of C.A.S.S., not to just cut class… But I help middle school students cope with bullies and how to handle everyday situations. Also I am a coach for the club girls on the run through Solon Robinson, this is pretty self explanatory.


Jessica Barclay

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It’s an absolute honor to even be on this ballot and to be selected by my class to represent them in this year’s Homecoming court. I’m ecstatic to be able to walk next to all the other gorgeous nominees that night and watch the football team beat the Indians! This experience is something I’ll never forget and I want to thank everyone for letting me be a part of it!
I absolutely LOVE sushi and coffee, but not together. You can catch me at Umi in the square having a California roll or at Sip drinking a latte in my bright pink crocs. I’m mildly (okay majorly) obsessed with Florence and the Machine, and I love going to concerts! I also work part-time at the local YMCA preschool! But when I have a week or two of free time I love traveling to Colorado to visit my sister and my niece.
I’ve been involved in varsity basketball since my sophomore year. Even though basketball eats up most of my free time I’m still involved in Art Club, and Athletic council. Outside of school I have the honor of being a Bride&Joy ITGIRL with my stunning fellow nominee, Sophia, and a model representative for CHC-Photography Inc.


Haley Bramwell

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Readers should know that my top three favorite TV shows are Lost, Breaking Bad, and Bojack Horseman. I also enjoy a good Nicolas Cage movie and Rocky Horror Picture Show. I am an improviser and a writer, and I work at a nursing home. My favorite food is chicken and my favorite book is Everlost. On the weekends you can find me at the movies, work, and my friend’s houses. I cosplay twice a year at NWI Comic Con and Halloween.
I am a CNA. I have performed in 10 improv shows. I am shooting a short film. I post my photography on Instagram. I was an extra in a movie once.
I am involved in Stray Dogs improv team, CPTV, WBL program, and I am a writer.


Grace Moles

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I am incredibly humbled by my nomination for the 2016 Homecoming Court! I cannot wait to dress up on game night and share this honor with my friends and family.  Although I was completely caught off guard when I heard I was nominated, I know for sure that homecoming is going to be one of the best nights of high school! I am SO thankful to be given the opportunity to make such an amazing memory (and wear a fancy dress).  #SENIORYEAR
I moved to Crown Point when I was three years old, and I absolutely love attending CPHS. I am an only child, but I have an adorable, hand-full of a boxer dog named Tank.  My family is full of dedicated Alabama football fans (roll tide), but my heart will always belong to IU.  When I’m not cramming for AP Bio, evaluating limits for Mr. McGee, or stress-crying about either of these classes, I enjoy running, shopping, and just spending time with friends. This might be the most basic thing you have ever heard, but I’m addicted to Starbucks and in love with Taylor Swift and basically everything she does.  
I have been an active member of Student Council since my freshman year, but this year I was voted the senior class secretary.  I am also part of The Pulse and co-founded the new social media update page called the “Bulldog Bulletin.” I participate in CASS as a mentor, where I help middle school students fight against bullying in school and online.  This will be my 4th year on the CPHS track & field team, and I can’t wait for my senior season!


Cailey Sabotnik

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I am very honored to be able to experience this with these lovely girls. I am excited to see everyone all dressed up in their beautiful dresses next Friday. I will remember walking on the field and being in the parade for the rest of my life. Thank you for everyone who voted for me.
I am a person who loves the outdoors. I especially love to hike and do other outdoor activities. I love to paddleboard on Lake Michigan or the ocean, preferably the ocean. I am obsessed with sushi; I can eat it like everyday. Another thing I am obsessed with are elephants, they are just so cute. I can also move 43 marbles in 1 min with 1 hand. Lastly, I love kids and my job is teaching younger kids how to do gymnastics, so it works out perfectly
Involved in:
Cheerleading, Cass, Blazers, Athletic council
Jillian Kidder
As a senior, Jill has been involved in the journalism program at Crown Point High School for all four years, but has only been apart of the Inklings staff for three years. She is the editor-at-large, online editor, and co-chief of photography. Jill is a well rounded journalist that writes, designs, and takes pictures.

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