parent access
Account Activation Tutorial

Once you have received your student's Activation Code in a letter from your school, you are ready to begin the process of setting up your parent access. Letters will be distributed during the elementary registration process or by mail for middle school and high school students.

Start by going to the Parent Access Login:

You should bookmark this page for future visits.

On your first visit, you will use the box on the right marked "new users," typing in the Activation Code from your letter EXACTLY as it appears.

Once you click on the "Create Account" button, you will see the screen pictured here.

You will need to choose a unique User Name, of at least 8 characters, as well as an 8 character Password. Be sure to note when you use capital letters, as the case will need to be the same when you return to login next time.

Including a secret question and your email address will enable a function on the login screen labeled "Forgot Password?" Answering your question correctly here will allow your password to be emailed to your account.

As you complete this information, make a written note of the User Name and Password that you have created here.

Be sure to include capital or lowercase letters, as the login IS case sensitive.

Once you click the "Next" button, you should see a screen like this where your student's name is a link that will allow you to view their information.

If you have Activation Codes for additional students, click on "Add a Student..." at this point, type them into the box provided, and they will be added to your login.

Tutorial Courtesy Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation