From the first day of freshman year to the last day of senior year, all of the time spent in this school is put toward your end goal. It is about the journey of getting from where you once were, to where you are now, and to where you want to be. It is about every friendship made and every friendship lost, every Friday night lights you jammed in the car with your friends to, and that double block period class of AP Bio you thought would never end, but you somehow made it through. It’s about looking back at cringey freshman selfies and posing for not-so-cringey senior portraits. It’s about every obstacle that seemed impossible but became possible. Whether you experience your first day of high school or your last first day of high school, we are all here to encounter every step in between. We have all gone through different journeys to reach our end destination; however, it’s not just about where we are going but where we are from: the 219. We are Region Rats. (Weird flex but okay.) So, what’s the moves for the last destination of 2019? It may not be the in the 219, but wherever it may be, you are on your way. In the end, we owe it to ourselves to reach that destination, so let’s continue on because we have a long journey ahead of us.


Brandon Rueth – Taking it all the way to Broadway

Brandon Rueth (12) tells of his Broadway dreams and aspirations for the future

How did theater come into your life?

I originally took the theater class as a blow off, but some people convinced me to try out for Kiss Me Kate. I was in a really bad place at the time emotionally, and had nothing better to do, so I tried out and got a part. I was working so hard with the people in the production, putting on the show became so fun and the best part of my life. It was the first time I was truly passionate about something. Then, opening night when the lights came on for the first time, and I stepped on stage, I felt something so insane in my soul that I can’t even put into words. From that moment on, I have felt the need and desire to be a part of every performance I can in high school and the years to follow.

What does your ideal future look like?

I’m going to Ball State University to major in Musical Theater. In February, I will audition at the Unified Audition in Chicago and hopefully get accepted into the Musical Theater major. I’ve been taking voice lessons for a while now, and I will also be picking up dance lessons shortly to help me prepare for that audition. If all pans out, I’ll be getting a degree in Musical Theater with a minor in possibly Business. I want to move to New York. There, I will work towards achieving my dream of becoming an actor on Broadway.

What is it about theater and performing that makes you want to center the rest of your life around it?

My favorite part of performing is that I get to entertain people. I love being able to do what I love in front of other people so they can enjoy it, too. I want to be on Broadway because I would rather struggle and do what I love rather than do something I hate to make easy money. Theater has really given me something in my heart that I could never have found without it. It is the biggest thing I love and the thing that does and will make me happiest. I want to do what I love with all my heart for the rest of my life.

Grant Galvan – From Fireblaze to Kao

Known as FireBlaze in elementary school, Grant Galvan (12) continues writing music inspired by other artists by the name of Kao

When did you start your music career and what inspired you?

Music is not in my blood, especially not Hip Hop, but somehow, people say I have a natural talent. As a kid, my dad used to play the Beastie Boys and sing every word while my older step-brother played and sang along to songs made by Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, and Chris Brown. When I showed my friends and started to make my own song lyrics, people started to tell me I was actually really good.

What are your songs about?

My main goal is to express how I feel, see things in the world, and give light to certain subjects that most people don’t acknowledge in life. As of now, I have one song out on YouTube and Soundcloud called Audacity. I originally posted this song to just post it, but the outcome and getting twenty-two thousand views gave me the motivation to start taking [music] more seriously.

What are your dreams/goals for the future?

After high school, I plan on leaving Indiana as fast as I can, and if my music takes me somewhere, I’ll follow. Getting my name out there, making more connections, and having the chance to be in a studio with G. Herbo and work with Lil Durk’s producer was only possible with the help of Rosendo Ortiz (12). My goal is to always enjoy making music and to always speak a greater message in my lyrics. With all these great opportunities happening off my first song, my main goal is to improve.