CPTV On-Air and Technical Staff

Johnny Supan

Andrew Zimmerman


Andrew is a senior at CPHS and this is his third year in CPTVmedia. Andrew joined to explore opportunities in sports radio/TV and hopes to one day be working in the field as a sports journalist. Next year he plans on majoring in broadcast journalism. Andrew is a member of CASS, NHS, and the Lacrosse team.

Riley Geoghegan

Reece Grapenthien


With plans of pursuing a double major in Elementary Education and Communications, Reece was prompted to join the staff of CPTVmedia to help develop her public speaking skills. This is her second year being apart of CPTVmedia. A senior at CPHS, Reece is also involved in Track and Field, Football managing, National Society of High School Scholars, and National Honor Society. She also is a first grade teacher intern at a local elementary school.

Andrew Zimmerman

Mitch Bolda


Mitch is a senior at CPHS and this is his second year in CPTVmedia. He joined to learn about the elements of telecommunications, working in a broadcast studio, and being on-air talent. When he graduates, he plans to attend Purdue University to study Professional Flight and Meteorology. Mitch has had an interest in weather since a very young age. He started his on-air weather forecasting at Jerry Ross Elementary School on the daily morning announcements. He is involved in a variety of leadership groups at CPHS and also in the Diocese of Gary. In his free time, he enjoys flying planes, playing hockey, and attending youth group activities.

Abbey Wellman

Kyle Gilson


Continuing his education in broadcast media, senior Kyle Gilson is in his second year of CPTVmedia. In the previous year, he won various awards, including a NATAS Crystal Pillar and two more NATAS honorable mentions. In his free time, he plays guitar and bass for various in and out-of-school groups. Kyle is currently interning at ABG Recording Studios. Beyond high school, he hopes to further his education in the production and editing aspects of television and video production.

Brianna Rhodes

Nick Morgan


Nick is a sophomore at CPHS and is in his first year with CPTVmedia. Last year he won first place in the Cinematography category at the Midwest Media Educators Association Video Festival as a freshman and 2nd place at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters annual awards. He pole vaults for the CPHS Track teams and is active in the Best Buddies program. In his free time he enjoys shooting and editing film for his friends and family, whether it be sports reels or promotional videos. Nick is passionate about film and plans to pursue a career in the film industry after graduation.

Reece Grapenthien

Jack Gardner


Jack is a senior at CPHS and is his first year in CPTVmedia. He joined to further his film and English skills as well as expose him to something new. He plans on double majoring in Professional Writing and History with a minor in Drama and then going on to Law School. He is a member of the CPHS theatre department, Stray Dogs improv club and is an active member in NHS. In his free time Jack enjoys playing the guitar and bass, as well as creative writing.

Allison Fernandez

Evan Holland


Evan is a sophomore at CPHS and is in his first year of CPTVmedia. He joined because he was interested in learning about the production side of broadcasting and enjoys working behind the camera. He is also a varsity swimmer and a member of Key Club. He hopes to continue swimming in college as well as pursuing a career in either Broadcast Journalism or Computer Systems Management.

Seth Cook

Allison Fernandez


Allison is a sophomore at CPHS and is in her second year of CPTVmedia. She joined to follow in her sister’s footsteps. After high school Allision is planning on majoring in communications at St. Joseph College.

Hannah Morgan

Ethan Berdine


This is Ethan’s second year with CPTVmedia . He joined as a freshman to learn about broadcast journalism and to better understand how the media shapes our world. He intends to grow with CPTVmedia for the coming years. Some of his favorite hobbies include watching movies and talking about politics.

Mitchell Bolda

Haley Bramwell


Haley is a Senior at CPHS and this is her second year involved in CPTVmedia. She joined to expand her knowledge of communications and film. Haley plans on pursuing filmmaking after high school. She has performed in over 10 improv shows and was an extra in a movie. She has obtained both her CNA and CPR licenses. Haley is the student representative for Stray Dogs improv club, and works part time doing CNA work.

Celine Certa

Savannah Everson


Savannah is a junior at CPHS and is in her first year of CPTV. She has a passion for media and broadcasting and hopes to pursue a career intelecommunications. Savannah is a member of the CPHS Advance Womens’ Choir, NHS, and Project 7 Bible Club.

Ethan Berdine

Hannah Ragsdale


Hannah is a junior at CPHS and is in her first year of CPTVmedia. She joined the class to learn more about television broadcasting and plans to go to Columbia College in Chicago to pursue a career in film making and writing. Hannah is currently involved with theatre at CPHS.

Chris Rekitzke

Ashley Reed


Ashley is a junior at CPHS and this is her first year in CPTVmedia. She plans on going to Olivet Nazarene University to pursue a career in music. Outside of CPTVmedia she is very active at her church. In her free time she writes and sings her own songs.

Andrew Gianfermi

Payton Belcher


Payton is a junior at CPHS. This is her first year in CPTVmedia and joined to learn more about her passion for radio broadcast. She aspires to attend Columbia College in Chicago, IL or Ball State University.

Mannsimran Sandhu

Omar Ferrer


Omar is a Junior at CPHS. He joined to expand his knowledge of radio and TV production and writing. He is a part of the CPHS band program and is also a part of CASS. After graduation he plans to study film making. In his free time, he enjoys performing music and studying films.

Samantha Winters


Samantha is a sophomore at CPHS and this is her first year in CPTVmedia. She joined to learn more about radio and TV broadcasting. She is currently involved with German club and is on the CPHS bowling team. She hopes to attend Indiana State University and major in Elementary Education.

Robert Beardsley


Robert is a sophomore at CPHS and this is his first year in CPTVmedia. He joined to gain a better understanding of the Radio/TV industry. His career aspirations are being an entrepreneur, attorney, a career in mass media, or a politician. During his free time, he enjoys listening to 80’s pop and rap music and watching Seinfeld.

Chris Gloff

Mike Vivirito


Mike is a sophomore at CPHS and this is his first year in CPTVmedia. He joined to learn more about working in a television studio and learning about the communications field. Mike will be going to Tribeca Flashpoint college and majoring in digital design.

Chris Gloff

Chris Gloff


Mr. Gloff has been an educator for the last 20 years while serving as a middle school teacher, high school teacher, and adjunct professor. He has taught and advised at CPHS for 7 years and is currently in his 4th year as co-adviser of CPTV Media. Most recently, CPTV was awarded first place in the news broadcast category by the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters. Mr. Gloff is passionate about journalism and how media convergence is currently used to disseminate information in our society.


Brent Barber

Brent Barber


Mr. Barber has been working in radio and television production for over 30 years. This is his 11th year at CPHS and has also been the advisor of CPHS Showtime. Mr. Barber has always been interested broadcasting and as a child could not wait to get home from school so that he could listen to the radio. He is the past president of the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters.


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