CPTV Newscasts

CPTV Newscast 01/30/19

This Week on CPTV: 2017 CPHS grad Melvin Craig files his candidacy to run for a seat on the City Council, CPTV’s Armando Bracco takes a look at school security and whether students feel safe throughout the Region, and there’s plenty to celebrate in CP sports as the winter teams head to their postseasons.

CPTV Newscasts

CPTV Newscast 12/19/18

This Week on CPTV: Crown Point High School’s first radio station goes live today, a jolly visitor roams the halls asking what everyone wants for Christmas, and the girls and boys basketball teams dominate the weekend.

CPTV Newscasts

CPTV Newscast 12/05/18

This week on CPTV: The Hunger Strike Music festival sounds off at the Courthouse, the National Honors Society unites student groups to provide gifts to area children, and the girls’ basketball team is off to a pretty impressive start.

CPTV Newscasts

CPTV Newscast 11/20/18

This week on CPTV: Contractors are onsite 7 days a week, quickly attempting to wrap up work on a new, off the square attraction site, new graduation pathway requirements for the class of 2023 can actually benefit some students starting this year, and we’ll get you caught up on all things CP sports after the completion of all fall sports and the start of winter sports season.

2019-20 Staff

Katlyn Domoras


Katie Domoras is a senior at CPHS and this is her second year with Crown Town Media. Domoras joined CTM to learn more about TV and radio broadcasting. After high school, she hopes to pursue degrees in broadcasting and/or cosmetology. She has her own show from 6pm-8pm Monday-Thursday. Outside of CTM, she enjoys listening to music, hanging out with friends, and works full time.

2019-20 Staff

Kayla Dill


Kayla Dill is a junior at CPHS and this is her second year with Crown Town Media. She joined CTM to advance her knowledge in radio and especially film. In college she plans to pursue a career in education and hopes to teach a class focused on broadcasting. Outside of CTM, Kayla enjoys sports such as Lacrosse and Karate.

2019-20 Staff

Armando Bracco


Armando Bracco is a senior at CPHS and is in his third year with Crown Town Media. Bracco joined CTM his sophomore year to get a better understanding of what it takes to work in the field of broadcast and be on-air. In Bracco’s sophomore year, he placed third at the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters Video In-Depth category. Bracco co-hosts the Dog Radio’s political talk show Party People. He plans to pursue a degree in broadcast journalism at Indiana University Bloomington. Outside of CTM, Bracco is a director for National Honor Society, and he plays singles for the varsity tennis team. Bracco also enjoys discussing politics and watching sports.

2019-20 Staff

Olivia Bianco


Olivia Bianco is a senior at CPHS and in her second year with Crown Town Media. Bianco joined CTM to learn about broadcasting and producing films. Bianco is hoping to go to the University of Central Florida to study hospitality management. Outside of CTM, she is a part of the Girls’ Track and Field throwing team, President of Stray Dogs Improv, CPHS Latin Club, and the CPHS Chorale.

2018-19 Staff, 2019-20 Staff

Jenna Milosh


Jenna Milosh is a junior at CPHS, and is in her second year with Crown Town Media. She joined CTM to continue to build her skills in radio broadcasting, and pursue further work with television. Milosh currently spends her time in the studios, working on her 4-day week radio show Jenna From 3-5. When not working for CTM, she is involved in Theatre, several Band programs, and CPHS’s Symphony Orchestra. Later in life, Milosh hopes to work in the field of music education.